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What are some good love songs to put on a CD for my girlfriend?

Question by superdeeber028: What are some good love songs to put on a CD for my girlfriend?
I am trying to make her a christmas present but I don’t know what songs to put on the CD. I really want songs that are slower, possibly jazzy, and are still love songs with great lyrics. Thanks for your help!!!

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Answer by babyluvbutton239
“Hero” by Enrique Iglesias.
“You’re Beautiful” by James Blunt.

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When choosing a Lancaster PA resort, the visitor should think about what it is they are looking for in their lodging while on vacation or even a business trip. If you were on a business trip, then the amenities would not need to be as high since most of the time there would be spent working. If the trip were meant to be a more relaxing vacation, then access to a pool, either indoor or outdoor, would probably be required. Other water park features like Tube Rivers, splash pads for children and water slides are becoming more common at resorts and hotels. A close proximity to shopping centers and other attractions are also an important consideration for some families. In the winter, coziness and features like fireplaces are a must for some, especially those looking for a romantic getaway.

Another consideration when choosing a Lancaster PA hotel or a Lancaster PA resort is the price limit that is set in the individual budget.

For some families, price is not an object when it comes to having the perfect family getaway or a romantic weekend for a couple. Others are more budget conscious and want to get the biggest bang for their buck. Whatever it is that you want to spend you can find something to fit your needs in a Lancaster resort or hotel.

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