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Cool Grange Holborn Hotel images

A few nice Grange Holborn Hotel images I found:

Grange Holborn Hotel
Image by YayAdrian

Holborn Grange Hotel pool (to counter that second-hand smoke!)
Grange Holborn Hotel
Image by Esthr
nice pool, open 6.30 am weekdays, though a bit warm.

but guess what I heard at the check-in desk:
"Sorry, we don’t have a smoking room right now, but not to
worry. I’ll put you in a non-smoking room and they’ll send up an
ashtray right away."

What date does the ice skating rink at Millennium Park open for the season?

Question by Annie: What date does the ice skating rink at Millennium Park open for the season?
What date does the ice skating rink at Millennium Park open for the season and what hours is it open each day?

Best answer:

Answer by John
Rink will be available from Nov. 15, 2013 through March 9, 2014, weather permitting–230056411.html

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Earls Courts Hotels Provides Splendid Grandeur

Kensington Court Earls Court Hotel
by whiper

Earls Court is one of the most recognized and popular areas in the city of London. The area of the place stretches for around 3.1 miles and some of the major commercial centres are located out here. The location of the place makes the Earls Courts Hotels one of the most popular destination of the city. The hotels are located close to the busy Charing Cross Station where tourists can easily come from the different areas in the United Kingdom. The tube rail stations like Paddington just at a touching distance away also makes these hotels one of the best places to stay in the city.


If you want to come here from the Marylbourne station, you can easily arrive too. When you are travelling to the city of London by air, it is not at all a problem to reach these well planned hotels. If you take a flight to the Heathrow or the Stansed airport it is also quite easy to reach this hotel. The accommodation provided to you at the Earls Courts Hotels is simply world class in every way and you can enjoy the grand level of facilities extended to you. With a fine collection of room packages, the hotels provide you with just everything you want in terms of classy luxury.


The rooms have been classified into several accommodation plans which are indeed worthwhile. You can stay at the wonderful collection of well decorated rooms which evoke grandeur in every way. The wooden furniture in the rooms justifies the classic heritage which is an integral part of them. Once you start to live in the rooms of the Earls Courts Hotels, you can enjoy some of the most exclusive privileges extended to you.


The various facilities which you find within the rooms exude the great planning which is a part of them. You can just spend your time by watching television, talking on the telephone or enjoy surfing the Internet. The exclusive dining facilities provided to you at the Earls Courts Hotels also provide you with a comprehensive living experience. You can enjoy the tastiest delicacies cooked for you by the expert chefs who are proficient in handling the menu. The restaurant of the hotel is open till late hours in the night. When you take a close look at the bar of the hotel, you will find some of the best branded cocktails as a part of the collection.


These hotels also welcome the business travellers in a very gracious manner. If you stay at the hotel as a business traveller, you will find a varied range of exclusive conference rooms. These conference rooms have been constructed in such a way that you get all the latest equipments necessary for conducting business meetings.


These hotels also provide you with a wide scale online presence. You can book the rooms from advanced period of time and discount offers are also available as a part of the packages. You can book the rooms as per your convenient timings too.

You can come and enjoy an unforgettable living experience at the Earls Courts Hotels which are an epitome of luxury. You can log in to The for more information in this regard.

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How do you make a flamingo?

Caesar Hotel
by Talie

Question by Chapstick: How do you make a flamingo?
None of the recipes match what I remember. It was at the Caesar hotel in Vegas. It was a wedding with an open bar. I asked the bartender for something sweet that did not have malibu, or parrot bay and that wasn’t strong and he said ” Ahhhh a Flamingo.” and then proceeded to make the best drink ever. I went to a somewhat local club and told them how I remembered to make it and it sucked. Im obviously missing some ingriedients! Does anyone know how??

Best answer:

Answer by joe e
i think u have to have a releasonship with one.

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