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what is President tea house fortune teller scam ? what is Robert Chung scam ? Chaiwat Tan scam ?

Question by : what is President tea house fortune teller scam ? what is Robert Chung scam ? Chaiwat Tan scam ?
robert chung fortune teller scam
chung kim fat scam
chaiwat tan scam
master kimpolo scam
president tea house salazar fortune teller scam

Best answer:

Answer by guilsonuy
They are scammer who cheat people money
also connected with First Hotel Ongpin fortune teller scam
First Hotel Ongpin Vicente Tan scam
President Tea House fortune teller scam

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Q&A: Can anyone recommend the GENERATOR HOSTEL in London?

Question by Kerri Sudding: Can anyone recommend the GENERATOR HOSTEL in London?
What was your experience? Did you like it? If not why? And also what kinda of dorm do you recommend? I’m 19yrs, female, traveling alone, for 7days.

Best answer:

Answer by Zaits
I used to frequent the GENERATOR HOSTEL in London for many a year. At first glance I found it to be quite a nice, hospitable place. There were numerous highly attractive and quite seductive individuals literally littering the hostel. But, alas, it was not meant to be. During the 3rd lay of my, until then, fantastic visit to the GENERATOR HOSTEL I was knocked unconscious. Upon waking up I discovered I was bound, gagged and placed in an area dedicated to rich and powerful men killing travellers for a high price. Needless to say, this was not an ideal situation.

I won’t bore you with details of my daring escape and revenge plots but at the end of the day for a few days, when I wasn’t fleeing and just surviving on scraps as I scrambled home, it was quite a nice place.

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Nice Silk House Hotel photos

Check out these Silk House Hotel images:

Satri House bathroom
Silk House Hotel
Image by annamatic3000
Behind a silk screen, our room had a gorgeous bathroom. Large windows (shaded with silk curtains and bamboo blinds) provided sunlight from three sides. The sink and the tub were built of wood and decorated with simple glass mosaics.

The Satri House.

View the Laos, Luang Prabang photo set from the beginning.

Coundon Hall (Old Hall Inn)
Silk House Hotel
Image by amandabhslater
Tamworth Road, Keresley. Grade II listed building.
In the 19th century Coundon became a residential area for wealthy Coventry tradesmen and retired people, following in the footsteps of medieval mercers and drapers. Ribbon development of large houses along Tamworth Road was one aspect of this tendency. But Coundon was also away from the congested city, from the industrial suburbs of Foleshill and Sowe Waste, and from the early residential areas such as Stoke which was by then being swamped by housing of a lower class; lying as it did on high wooded ground, Coundon was still attractively rural. More important, the history of Coundon had left a parish of medium-sized freehold or leasehold units, each exactly suited to a large isolated Victorian house with a park-like garden, and with perhaps a farm attached to give a satisfactory manorial atmosphere. Existing farms such as Manor House Farm (the former Moathouse Farm), Coundon Hall (now a hotel) on Tamworth Road, and Coundon House, on what is now Southbank Road, were improved and enlarged. New houses were built, such as Keresley Grange, The Elms (now Coundon Lodge), and The Cottage, and, at the end of the 19th century, Coundon Court, The Spinney, and Oakhurst. The vicarage of Keresley-with-Coundon ecclesiastical parish, built on Brownshill Green Road in Coundon at a rather inconvenient distance from the new church in Keresley in 1848, was another such house, and was leased by the vicar. In 1850 there was a ribbon manufacturer living in Coundon, in 1875 a silk-broker, a Coventry miller, a Coventry druggist, a brewer, a watch manufacturer, and a varnish maker.

From: ‘The City of Coventry: The outlying parts of Coventry: Coundon’, A History of the County of Warwick: Volume 8: The City of Coventry and Borough of Warwick (1969), pp. 50-57. URL: Date accessed: 14 February 2009.

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Mira Mare Hotel Garden view Rodi Rhodes Rhodos Rodos Egeo Dodecanese Greece

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Who has covered Hotel California by The Eagles in spanish?

Question by metallijesus: Who has covered Hotel California by The Eagles in spanish?
I know that Los Lobos and Gipsy Kings covered it but I want to know who else. A couple of years ago I heard a version thatI really liked it sounded exactly the same except it was in spanish.

Best answer:

Answer by liverpoolfan1994
A few cover versions of “Hotel California” have been released, notably by flamenco band the Gipsy Kings. Majek Fashek has also done a reggae cover of the song, which is often credited to Bob Marley. In 2004, it was recorded by American Idol reject William Hung. Australian band The Cat Empire recorded a version of the song in French (L’Hotel de Californie), for Triple J’s Like a Version segment and subsequent CD compilation. Marc Anthony has often sung the song live. Brixton (England)-based band Alabama 3 also covered the song on their 2000 album “la peste.” Country group Rascal Flatts performed their own version of the song at the 2007 Grammy Awards. In 1977, German artist Stefan Hallberg [3] recorded a cover in German. Krzysztof Piasecki has recorded a cover in Polish. Also the American band SkaDaddyZ released a ska version of the song in 1999. In 1983 the band Big Daddy recorded a comedic cover version, mixing the original lyrics with the music of Del Shannon song “Runaway”. In 1997 The Moog Cookbook included a version on their album Ye Olde Space Bande. Romanian band Vama Veche covered the song in Romanian on their debut album, although the lyrics are entirely different; they deal with the dreadful living conditions in Romanian student dormitories in the late nineties. Part of the solo is incorporated into the 1995 song All Of The Damned by german Power Metal band Gamma Ray

Country music parodist Cledus T. Judd parodied the song as “Motel Californie” on his 1995 debut album Cledus T. Judd (No Relation).

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