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Caesar’s Main Invasion of Britain

The main invasion of Britain was planned by Caesar in Gaul in the winter of 55-54 B.C.E. This time, Caesar’s preparations would be a lot more carefully made.

He took 800 ships, some of which included merchant vessels, 5 legions, which would equal around 25,000 men, and 2000 cavalry. It should be remembered that the size of a legion, or legio, differed widely over the years, but at this point 5,000 men would be fairly accurate.

Caesar set out and decided to land once again at Walmer. This time there was no reception committee. Whether the Celts were afraid, which is unlikely. Whether they were off gathering as many men as they could, which is more likely, or whether they simply weren’t concerned about this landing. I can hardly see that this would be the case, but there are historians who opt for this explanation.

Following Caesar’s landing, he made a night march of 12 miles inland. He came across the Celts at a crossing on the river Stour, the future site of Canterbury. The Britons attacked, but were repulsed. They regrouped, probably at a hill fort in the forest at Bigbury Wood, in Kent. Again they were scattered, but Caesar, being unsure of the territory, called off the attack and made camp.

A gale blew up in the Channel overnight, and word came to Caesar the following morning that he’d lost 40 ships. He made haste back to the coast, and his men worked night and day dragging the damaged vessels up onto the beach and repairing them. This took them 10 days, which was an unfortunate delay. Once the work was completed, he headed back to the Stour and found the Britons massed there.

A warlord named Cassivellaunus had been chosen by the Celts to lead them. He realized that a pitched battle with the Romans was an exercise in futility and that he should resort to guerrilla tactics. Caesar found that the one fordable place on the Thames, probably what is now Westminster, had been booby trapped with sharpened wooden stakes both under the water and on shore. Even so, Caesar managed to cross, beat the defenders back, and enter Cassivellaunus’ territory.

Cassivellaunus decided to rely just on his 4,000 chariots and his knowledge of the surrounding countryside. He was like a large fly on a hot afternoon. He’d fought with most of the British tribes. His latest battle had been with the Trinovantes, who’s king he overthrew. Not content with that, he forced the king’s son, Mandubracius, into exile. Nevertheless, Caesar described the Trinovantes as the most powerful tribe in the area. They weren’t fools, either. They knew perfectly well that to continue to fight against Caesar was pointless. It also gave them a way of paying back Cassivellaunus for the wrongs he’d done to them.

They sent ambassadors to Caesar and promised him troops and supplies. In his turn, Caesar ensured that Mandubracius took his rightful place as their king. More tribes saw the wisdom of the Trinovantes, among them the Cassi, Ancalites and Segontiaci. Since Cassivellaunus had been a large thorn in their flesh too, they didn’t hesitate to point out his stronghold to Caesar. It may have been a hill fort at Wheathampstead.

Caesar immediately invested it, but Cassivellaunus, who strangely enough still had allies, asked them to attack the Roman beach-head in an effort to divert Caesar away from him. The effort failed. Even so, Caesar was in a hurry to return to Gaul. Word had reached him that there was unrest among the tribes over there and in any case, it was far too late in the year to mount another serious attack on the Celts. Winter would be upon him were he to wait any longer.

The whole invasion fizzled out like a damp squib. He didn’t even leave a garrison in Britain. The final gathering of Britain into the Roman bosom was to be left in the most unlikely hands of Claudius, 90 years hence.

Hello, Mike again, trying to delve into Caesar’s mind as to the real point of this invasion. Mind you, trade ties were developed with Rome, but you’d have thought he would at least have left a strong garrison in Britain. He’d organized hostages and tribute to be paid to him, but there’s no word from history as to whether these actually found their way to him. Have you had a look yet at The Knight’s Site? Well worth a visit. Lots of weapons, armour and clothing. They even have interior designers who can turn your house into any period in history you choose. I’d welcome an E-mail, too, if anyone feels like chatting.

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Finding Best Hotel Accommodations Around The Gatwick Airport

When you out somewhere say London and are to arrive at the Gatwick airport, what would be the first and the foremost thing that you would consider? Of course it would be the accommodation. Gatwick airport is the second busiest airport in the world that each day carry a million of visitors. Several natives move out while the thousands of visitors move in. This has really boosted the tourism in the area. And also one the hotel accommodation industry has also grown very well here. Just around the Gatwick airport you can find a large number of Gatwick hotels that would welcome you.
Gatwick airport hotels- these are first place that any visitor would come across as soon as he steps out of the airport. But since there are so many Gatwick airport hotels out there it would really become difficult for you to make a choice and if you are a first time visitor then the things get even tougher as you simply dont know where to go. And there are personal requirements and other factors also involved in the selection of a hotel. These factors include either you alone are on a trip or you are on a vacation along with your whole family. Again then how much you can afford also affects your selection as there are simply single star to five star airport hotels in Gatwick. And how long you are to stay and for what purpose you are there also affects the selection of an Gatwick airport hotel.
So the best way is to do your home work in advance. This will save not only time but also prevent those troubling situations that may arise after your arrival. Look over the internet, or ask your friends and their friends and friends and relatives if any one could recommend a better Gatwick airport hotel. You can also go for the online references. And you can personally refer the websites for the search of a better accommodation in Gatwick. You can check out their service packages and the type of facilities they can offer. Apart from that you can also check their price quotes. This will allow you erase the further issues that often arise because of service charges. Dont just stick to one, keep your options open. And if possible personally call the hotels and enquire about these things and make appointments.
Now if you ask me then I can just say whenever I visit the Gatwick city I just go for the Chelsea They are simply great and equally great are their services and staff. When an appointment is made with them, they also provide the pick up services so that one who arrives at the Gatwick airport doesnt find any difficulty in reaching the hotel. They are four diamond rated and provide high quality services. I trust them for all my vocational and corporate visits to Gatwick, and even you can do the same. Make an online booking with them right now. For more service and location details you can log onto:

Glyn Jones is associated with a Gatwick Hotel that that provide easy and high quality accommodation at Gatwick airport hotel. You can choose them to be the best place to spend your vacation, and they are very good at their service quality. For more details you can visit the website of this Gatwick airport hotel.


NewFilmmakers LA Film Festival Announces December 14th Screening at the AT&T Center

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) December 10, 2013

The rich program at NewFilmmakers LA Film Fest on December 14th contains nine short films and one feature length project. The audience will be taken on a journey with these impacting stories. There is drama, suspense, fiction, non-fiction, and comedy. The storytelling will transport you to another world. From the first to last film you will be living a whole different reality that is an eye-opening experience. You are certain to experience something aside from the mainstream. A truly independent filmmaking experience in the best sense.

Enjoy cocktail in the red carpet Cinema Lounge while mingling with filmmakers, casts, and crews of the films between programs on the outside patio, surrounded by historic buildings of Downtown Los Angeles.

The December 14th screening program includes:

Sahasi Chori (Dir. Erin Galey / India, Nepal) – The 19 minute short film has already won two “Best Short Film” awards from SENE Film, Music & Arts Festival and Palm Beach International Film Festival. The film is about Bhumika, a 13-year-old Nepali girl that travels with her family friend Krishna from her Himalayan home to her first job in the city. Leaving the village begins a fateful journey of unexpected events in an unfamiliar world. When Krishna suddenly asks her to cross the border with him to India, taking her further and further away from home, Bhumika must ask herself what she’s willing to sacrifice for the good of both her family and Krishna’s.

Galey executive produced, wrote, and directed Sahasi Chori (Brave Girl), a narrative short exploring con artists of the sex trade, shot entirely on-location in both Nepal and India. The film has screened at numerous film festivals nationwide, including SXSW, Atlanta, Bermuda, Sarasota, Busan, and Palm Springs. It was also awarded a Special Jury Prize from Bermuda Film Festival. The film was also a grand prize runner-up at the First Run Film Festival in 2012, earning supporting awards in screenwriting and producing, as well as the Carl Lerner Award for a film with social significance.

Los Villanos (Dir. Sabrina Skau / USA) – Danny, Melvin, and David are “Los Villanos,” a group of friends who grew up together in South Central Los Angeles. Against a backdrop of poverty and violence, this documentary film explores the importance of friendship and family in their lives as they enter adulthood.

Director Skau filmed the lives of “Los Villanos” from January to July of the current year. They call themselves “Los Villanos” because they are the first group of children to grow up in the apartment complex called Villa Esperanza built in 1994 by the Esperanza Community Housing Corporation, a local community development organization.

Shadowplay (Dir. Ed Osghian / Canada) – David is a recent hire at a multinational company. As the important project he is working on nears completion, his secretive behavior draws the attention of his superiors. Sloan, corporate security specialist hired by the executive Glenda Grey, gets increasingly frustrated trying to understand what he is dealing with. As the fear grows that David is about to sell corporate secrets to competition, everybody is forced to action.

Home (Dir. Kyle McAuley / USA) – Is about a young man who moved to LA about 2 years ago and finds himself in the midst of harsh struggle in a big City, with lots of competition and financial problems. When he is about to give up on his dream he has an epiphany and turns his struggles into art.

Haenyeo: Women of the Sea (Dir. Alex Igidbashian, Daye Jeong and Kevin Sawicki / USA) Haenyeo refers to the women free divers of Jeju Island, South Korea who for centuries have collected seafood without the use of scuba equipment. This short documentary provides a portrait of Chuwar Park, a still active and unbelievably vibrant 82-year-old diver. Examining her daily routine as well as her past, Park sheds light on this unique matriarchal culture that has changed little since the 19th century.

Le Passage (Dir. Fabien Montagner / France) A lonely teenager, who is living with her grandfather, has a difficult cohabitation with him. One day, whilst walking outside, she will enter in an adventure out of time, which will reveal a dark moment about her family history.

Nervous Person (Dir. Max Sherwood / USA) Nervous Person is a loud silent film, an upsetting slapstick comedy and an accessible, plot-driven art indie movie. It’s about a man struggling and lost at a public event that is as wholesome as it is strange.

The Bride (Dir. Hanelle M. Culpepper / USA) Filmed primarily in one long-take, “The Bride” is about a woman entrusting her bridesmaids with a major problem — she questions her love for her fiancé and more than that, her sexuality. Minutes before the ceremony is to begin, will she change her mind?

East of Kensington (Dir. Kellen Moore / USA) – Years after Peter Pan and the Lost Boys have overthrown the pirates, Peter visits London to return Wendy to Neverland and is kidnapped by a mysterious Stranger residing in the decaying remains of the Darling House. Peter is forced to confront a harsh reality that challenges his innocence.

The independent films talented cast includes quite an impressive group of young actors that have extensive resumes. River Alexander, who plays Slightly, has appeared in the CBS TV series “2 Broke Girls.” Kelsey Lee Smith who plays Wendy was young Samantha in the ABC TV series “Samantha Who?” with Christina Applegate, Jennifer Esposito and Melissa McCarthy.

Avenues (Dir. Aaref Rodriguez / USA) – Based on a true story, Avenues is a deeply personal exploration of fatherhood and the isolation felt by former convicts. The film follows Saul Sanchez as he returns home to the rough Northeast Los Angeles neighborhood of Highland Park—also known as The Avenues—after serving a decade-long prison sentence… all in the hopes of connecting with his daughter whom he’s never met.

The film stars Hector Atreyu Ruiz from the new FOX TV Series “Gang Related” and Tracey Heggins from the Summit Entertainment Feature “The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn” with Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson.

AT&T Center is the Presenting Venue Sponsor of New Filmmakers Los Angeles. Producer’s Circle Sponsors include SAG-AFTRA and Wells Fargo.

To purchase tickets for the New Filmmakers LA Film Festival on December 14, 2013, please visit

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An Overview of London Stansted Airport

London Stansted Airport is the passenger airport positioned at Stansted Mountifitchet near Essex. This airport is the third largest airport catering London area. Additionally, it is considered as one of the London’s five international airports. It is completely managed by BAA authorities who manage most of the airports of London. Below given are some of the Prominent Features of London Stansted Airport

This is the third-busiest and largest airport of London after Gatwick and Heathrow airport.
This is main Hub for low cost domestic carriers in European
It has more than 100 airlines to serve passengers.
It is the newest airport in United Kingdom and featured with advanced amenities
This airport is equipped with all amenities like security details, flight information, bureau de change, etc.
Majorly known for low cost carriers and flights.

There are several useful facilities provided by London Stansted airport to cater needs of the passengers. You will get luggage service, internet access, showers, prayer room, and chapel. Additionally, there are over 60 shops, restaurants, bars and cafes available to entertain you. You will get different lounges in accordance with different categories. There are several flight options so; you can choose any one of them matching with your requirements.

You can choose the best transportation mode from various transport channels such as trains and buses and coaches to reach over London Stansted airport. Commuting to the airport could be very easy and convenient by choosing road transport. There is a railway terminal attach to the London Stansted airport which takes you from different places such as Liverpool, Leicester, Cambridge, and Midlands. There is a regular bus and coaches service to commute you from your place to airport quickly. Additionally, you can reach to the airport via your vehicle and park it at the parking which is adjacent to the terminal. You will be reached out the airport without any difficulties. So, plan your journey and get ready to board from London Stansted airport.

The London Stansted airport, administrator is planning to expand its horizon and facilities to cater maximum numbers of passengers significantly. Moving to the ultimate and best infrastructure airport, administration accentuates on terminal and check-in points in order to provide fast service to the passengers. Once the terminal and other amenities will expand, the passengers will be automatically gifted with high class facilities. The core of the future expansion directly tends to reform and develop the overall picture of airport and give it one complete huge look.

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Banks Lyon Win Independent Retailer of the Year at Retail Jeweller UK Watch and Jewellery Awards 2014

(PRWEB UK) 3 July 2014

Banks Lyon, the independent luxury watch and jewellery retailers based in Lancaster, were honoured last night to receive the title of Independent Retailer of the Year at the annual Retail Jeweller UK Watch and Jewellery Awards. The ceremony, at the Hilton Hotel Park Lane in London, was hosted by television personality Rick Edwards and attracted many prestigious attendees from within the watch and jewellery industry.

Whilst Banks Lyon have been providing unparalleled service to their customers for many years, and have been listed in Retail Jeweller Magazine’s top 50 results in previous years, this is the first year that they have entered the UK Watch and Jewellery Awards, and they are naturally very pleased to have received this award in their debut year.

In order to qualify for the award, Banks Lyon submitted a 2000 word entry document and underwent several hours of in-store scrutiny from the editor of Retail Jeweller, Lauren McCreedie. With strengths in the depth of their product range, expert and well trained staff, impeccable customer service in store, online and on social media and in their unique bespoke jewellery design service, they were confident in their positioning. However, as they were shortlisted alongside five equally strong finalists, Banks Lyon were expecting stiff competition and were therefore exceptionally pleased to take the title.

Store owner and managing director, Rodney Banks Lyon, said: “We are absolutely elated to receive the title of Independent Retailer of the Year, as it is an incredible recognition of the high standards of customer service that we strive to give every customer, every day. Whilst we are a family run business, this is about my team as a whole, not one individual – I am very fortunate in my staff, as it is their dedication, loyalty, and professionalism that makes us what we are today.”

Banks Lyon Jewellers have been providing their customers with the very finest in luxury watches and jewellery for more than 27 years. Since 1986, this family run business has combined exceptionally high quality products with outstanding standards of customer service, consistently delivering expert advice and friendly service to each and every customer. As an official and authorised stockist for a comprehensive range of luxury watch and jewellery brands, including Rolex, Omega, Chopard, Cartier, Breitling, and TAG Heuer, Banks Lyon Jewellers are a unique presence in the North West, as they bring together all these exclusive brand names in one store.

For further information about Banks Lyon Jewellers, visit their website at or call their experienced team on 01524 38 48 58.


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