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Custom Sony FCB-H11

High definition, high performance and ready to work in various applications makes the FCB-H11 from Son a must have. The FCB-H11 is the predecessor to the recently discontinued FCB-H10 and has features and specs with the exception of a few upgrades.

Some of these upgrades include:

Auto ICR day/night function
Multi-format video outputs and
Increased light sensitivity, 1lx with ICR on.
Those upgrades from the H10 with the standard features that include

More Features
1/3 type CMOS imager
Approx. 2M effective pixels
16×9 Aspect Ratio
Auto ICR for day / night function
Minimum Illumination – 1.0 lx (ICR On Mode – F1.8 50 IRE)
High-speed serial communication (max. 38.4 kbps)
TIL signal-level control (VISCA1M protocol)
120x optical zoom (10x zoom/12x digital)
Programmable factory preset
High Performance Digital Signal Processor (DSP)
Various customizable settings
Electronic Shutter/Slow Shutter
VBS and Y/C video output (SD modes only)
Picture Freeze Function
Spot AE
Internal/External sync
Small and Compact

The FCB-H11 uses a 6V-12V power supply meaning you can run the camera off of a battery or a power supply. Recommended power supply for this particular camera is the PDP12.

In terms of housings, I have found that there’s only one company offering a complete customizable solution for the FCB-H11 and that is Aegis Electronic Group.

They offer an FCB-H11 with a black housing that covers the entire camera (protecting it from dust and other damage while making it look clean and professional at the same time), choice of SDI or HD interface board and cables (customized to meet your length requirements).

The FCB-H11 is also compatible with the Black Magic DeckLink HD extreme frame grabber. This highly recommended frame grabber is the world’s highest quality capture card, featuring the maximum possible quality capture and playback. With Dual Link 4:4:4 and the new 3 Gb/s SDI connections, DeckLink HD Extreme works in SD, HD and 2k.

Weighing only 120g the FCB-H11 is capable of working in a multitude of applications that require a small camera including:

Medical imaging
Video conferencing
Cable T.V. broadcast
Traffic enforcement
and more

As you can see the FCB-H11 is a great high definition camera that can be used in many ways.

Brad Fry
2009 Aegis Electronic Group, Inc.

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