Can anyone recommend a good cheap hotel in London?

Question by pottolom: Can anyone recommend a good cheap hotel in London?
Somewhere pretty central, in a reasonably nice location at a decent price for an ex-colleague and his wife who are coming to visit from Lithuania…..

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Answer by Arron have some very cheap/ basic but clean hotels in central london.

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  1. Mme Choc

    good and cheap and hotels don’t go together in London. If you want good you have to pay for it, especially in Central London. Be prepared! If you want to go up to Islington, the Hilton has some good advanced weekend deals, when it isn’t full of business people. Only a 20 mins bus ride into the centre.

  2. wiscotlass

    I had a lovely stay last year at the Cherry Court Hotel on Hugh Street in Belgravia. I had a double room for about US$ 130 a night, which is cheap by London standards. It is just a few minutes walk from Victoria Station, which puts it at walking distance to Buckingham Palace, Hyde Park, etc. There is a very nice pub, the St George, on the corner of Eccleston Bridge and Hugh Street, a half block from the hotel.. GREAT food and friendly service. Victoria Station also has several restaurants and a small shopping mall. There is even a Starbuck’s on Eccleston and Buckingham Palace Road, just a block from the hotel, if you need an American caffeine jolt (though I prefer Pret a Manger, next door!). The neighborhood is quiet and safe.

    The Cherry Court is just a few minutes by Underground to anywhere in the city. Their website is It is run by the Patel family, and they are very friendly and helpful, and the hotel, though very small (LOTS of stairs) is clean and snug. I would definitely stay there again! It is also recommended by Rick Steves, my favorite travel writer (which is how I found it in the first place). You can make all reservations via email, and they are very responsive to questions and requests. My mother and I just loved it. Give it a shot!

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