Can anyone tell me some really good ds games please?

Question by Gummy bear 🙂: Can anyone tell me some really good ds games please?
I am a 13yr old girl but I am quite smart. Some games I like are hotel dusk, animal crossing, professor layton and the curious village etc. I like mystery, puzzle and simulator as well as Mario and them sort of games. I will choose a best answer! Thanks.
New ones too.

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Answer by Xpspg4m3rX
Brain Age! So addicting! haha. I think they have a second one coming out.

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  1. Flip

    ok any animal crossing game is good as they are not bad at all
    Any zelda game
    Mario kart ds mario super bros
    Brain age might be a good choce also to improve brain skills
    Pokemon games are also good

  2. E L E M E N T

    These are some of my favorites. I don’t know if you’ll like them or not
    I put them In alphabetical order:

    -Advance Wars 3: Battle for Omega Land (Nintendo)
    -Age of Empires II: The Age of Kings (Majesco)
    -Animal Crossing (Nintendo)
    -Animal Planet (Conspiracy Entertainment)
    -Animaniacs: Lights, Camera, Action (Ignition Entertainment)
    -Armored Core series (From Software)
    -Asphalt Urban GT (UbiSoft)
    -Baten Kaitos DS (Namco)
    -Batman Begins (Electronic Arts)
    -Blades of Thunder 2 (SummitSoft)
    -Bomberman DS (UbiSoft)
    -Bouken-Ou Beet (Bandai)
    -Bubble Bobble Revolution (Rising Star Games)
    -Bust-A-Move series (Taito)
    -Caduceus: Surgical Operation (Atlus)
    -Deep Labyrinth (Interactive Brains)
    -Derby Rush: Ball Bounder (Starfish)
    -Devlish (Starfish)
    -Dobutsu Shima no Chibi Gurumi 3 (Rocket Company)
    -Dragon Quest Monsters series (Square Enix)
    -Dragon Quest Slime Morimori series (Square Enix)
    -Dynasty Warriors (Koei)
    -Final Fantasy III (Square Enix)
    -Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles series (Square Enix)
    -Fullmetal Alchemist (Bandai)
    -Fushugino Dungeon Pokémon World: Pikachu’s Adventure (ChunSoft)
    -Mr Driller: Drill Spirits (Namco)
    -Nanostray (Majesco)
    -Naruto: Saikyo Ninja Daikesshu 3 (TOMY)
    -Need for Speed Underground 2 (Electronic Arts)
    -Nicktoons (THQ)
    -Ochaken DS (MTO)
    -One Piece (Bandai)
    -Pac n’ Roll (Namco)
    -Polarium (Nintendo)
    -Prince of Persia: Warrior Within (UbiSoft)
    -Prince of Tennis: 2005 Crystal Drive (Konami)
    -Professional Wrestling (Yukes)
    -Puyo Pop Fever (Atlus)
    -Quad Desert Fury 2 (Majesco)
    -Shin Megami Tensei DS (Konami)
    -Shogun Warriors (Namco)
    -Snowboard Kids DS (Atlus)
    -Snood 2: Lost in Snoodville (DSI Games)
    -Sonic DS (Sega)
    -Space Invaders Revolution (Rising Star Games)
    -Spectral Force (Idea Factory)
    -Sprung (UbiSoft)
    -Spyro the Dragon (VU Games)
    -SRS: Street Racing Syndicate (Namco)
    -Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith (UbiSoft)
    -Super Black Bass: Dynamic Shot (Starfish)
    -Super Mario 64 DS (Nintendo)
    -Super Mario Bros DS (Nintendo)
    -Super Princess Peach (Nintendo)

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