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Latest Knightsbridge Green Hotel News

Underground London
There's even a plan to convert an underground parking lot in Bloomsbury into a budget hotel with 172 windowless guest rooms. Pending a green light, it's one of many new schemes to repurpose parts of London often overlooked. Here are some of those …
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How Charles Saatchi wooed Nigella Lawson before her husband died of cancer
… six months before her husband died. During the three-night stay, Mr Saatchi took the TV cook to lunch at San Lorenzo restaurant in Knightsbridge, central London, where Princess Diana used to dine. … A typical stay at the Savoy Hotel, The Strand …
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Cool Hilton London Green Park Hotel images

A few nice Hilton London Green Park Hotel images I found:

North London Panorama
Hilton London Green Park Hotel
Image by Steffen M. Boelaars
Now I feel a bit sad that I didn’t take a full 360 degree number of shots, and aim a bit lower, when I was standing there on the 27th floor in the middle of the City of Westminster.

All the way to the left you’re looking towards Heathrow. When looking over Hyde Park you’ll see the big arch of Wembley Stadium. In the middle you’re looking straight over Buckingham Palace and Green Park. (Since I didn’t aim lower, the palace can sadly not be seen). Just right of that you’ll see the BT antenna, and Centrepoint. All the way onthe right you’ll see the grey ugly towers of Barbican.

The ease with which the program PTgui made this panorama amazes me. What a brilliant tool!!! It made this shot without any problem out of 11 different shots, each with 3 exposures (each exposure calculated out of 1 NEF exposure).

Be sure to look at the original size! (Which isn’t even the real original but only a less than 25% size downscaled version, since the original is more than 30.000 pixels wide!

Green Park Hotel
Hilton London Green Park Hotel
Image by simonov
I believe this was the first night of my first ever visit to the UK, in January 1989. I stayed at the Green Park Hotel, on Half Moon Street in Mayfair, which is now a Hilton (though it wasn’t then).

The next morning I boarded the wrong train at Waterloo and had to get off and change trains at Clapham Junction.

I was originally overseas for a ten-day tour of Italy, but my boss took advantage of the situation by sending me on to Paris, the Netherlands and finally London, for business purposes. I remember I brought two bags with me to Italy, one for the Italian leg and another full of business clothes for the rest of the trip. I stored the latter bag in the Roman train station while I toured Italy and picked it up on my way to the airport for the Paris flight.

For some reason I didn’t take any photos in Paris or Eindhoven, but in those days it cost money every time you pressed the shutter button, so I took a lot fewer photos. Also, I didn’t haul my Minolta SLR with me everywhere as I do with my modern point-and-shoot.

I had a full beard when I flew out of Rome to Paris, where I shaved it down to a goatee. By the time I got to London, all that was left was the mustache. Mustaches like that one weren’t all that unusual in the eighties, though by 1989 they were dying out, but goatees were still almost unknown.

I was 26 years old. Holy shit.

The street outside my hotel
Hilton London Green Park Hotel
Image by San Diego Shooter