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Nice Lancaster Court Hotel photos

Some cool Lancaster Court Hotel images:

MA – Historical Bristol Street Directory 1871
Lancaster Court Hotel
Image by brizzle born and bred
Mathews’ Bristol Street Directory 1871

Maddock’s court, Fromore Street

Magdalene place, Magdalene Terrace, Baptist Mills

Magdalene Terrace, Ashley Road, Baptist Miills

Maiden Tavern Lane, Baldwin Street to Marsh Street

Mall, Nelson Place to West Mall, Clifton

Cooper & Warner, chemists, etc
William Oldham, lodging house
George Cull, lodging house
David Lewis, lodging house
Edward Cullick, lodging house
John B. Burroughs, surgeon
Mrs Toulmun, lodging house
Miss Matthews
J. H. Morgan, lodging house
Williams and Oliver, lodging house
Miss Newnham
Miss Mary Clark
Mrs Casford, lodging house
Mrs Clarke, lodging house
Joseph Howard, lodging house
Benjamin Hobbs, lodging house
Mrs. Shute
Charles P. Eales
Misses Perry, lodging house
Mrs E. Masey
Henry Smith, lodging house
Misses Tetley
Mrs Brock
Miss Ponting, lodging house
Samuel Howe, lodging house
Sir William Clavering

Mall (West), Mall, Clifton

Obed Peachey, lodging house
Thomas Davy
William Reynolds Lloyd
Miss Emma Clarke, lodging house
John Rossiter, lodging house
Colonel Poole, C.B.
Miss Burgess
Mlss Sophia Hume
Robert Hassell
Mrs. Sophia Clutterbuck
Lionel Brough
Moses Gunning, lodging house
William Ellis, lodging house
John Beveridge, lodging house
Mrs A. Hartford
Mrs John Hill
Daniel Nash, lodging house
Frederick B. Elton
Miss Platt
George Stacey, lodging house

Mall buildings, Nelson Place, Mall, Clifton

Mall Place, Nelson Place, Mall, Clifton

Malvern Place, St. Lukes Road, Bedminster

Malta Square, Lawrence Hill

Manley Place, Stillhouse Lane

Manor Buildings, Clifton Place, Clifton Wood

Mardyke, Hotwell Road

Margaret Place, Mill Lane, Bedminster

Mansion House Avenue, Queen Square to King Street

Mark Court, Lower Castle Street

Market, (Exchange Avenue), High Street

Richard Stock, butcher
C. Thayer, butcher
William Webb, wine & spirit merchant
Thomas Garmston, fruiterer
Robert Langdon, provision curer
Stevens’ s grocery & provision warehouse
Charles Stock, butcher
William Hatton, confectioner
John Sealey & Son, nursery & seedsmen

Marianne Admas, vict, Bunch of Grapes (West India Coffee House, Grapes, Ye Grotto) (pub) lost in the 1941 blitz. Census1871- Head of family temporarily absent. George A. Adams 31, son unmarried, clerk, Somerset Brislington. Alfred H. Adams 26, son unmarried, clerk, Bristol. Caroline L. Adams 25, daughter unmarried, managing hotel, Gloucestershire Conham. Agnes Codrington 20, servant unmarried, domestic servant, Gloucestershire Almondsbury. Census 1861 – Robert Adams 53, head married, inn keeper, Devonshire. Maria A. Adams 53, wife married, Devonshire. Caroline Adams 22, daughter unmarried, Gloucestershire. James Adams 9, son scholar, Bristol. Martha Fisher 27, servant unmarried, waitress, Somerset. bristolslostpubs.eu/page36.html

Market Steps. Nicholas Street to Baldwin Street

William Jeferiss, butcher
Edward Bucknall, spirit dealer

Mark Lane, St. Augustines Parade

Mark’s Court, Avon Street, Temple

Marlborough Hill, Marlborough Street to Kingsdown

Archibald George Howell, grocer
Henry Stevens
Samuel Watts
St. James’s School, Ellen Vowles, teacher
John Wright, Marlborough lodge
William Edward Studley
James Lucas
James William Pearce
T. H. Clark, wine hooper
Octavius Harding, Linton lodge
William Henry Hawlin, architect, Winsley cottage
Refuge Society, Marlboro house, Mrs Endicott, matron
D. J. Hill
Mrs Bennett
?. Mountshaw
George William Schnegan
Harriet Nayler, Zion house
Elizabeth Phillips
Charlotte Underwood
Benjamin Dove Collens
?. Marlborough cottage
Mary Ann Hobbs, Redan cottage
Henry George Ashman
John Green
John Dunn
Ceorge Clapp

John Chandler, vict, Marlborough Hill Porter Stores (pub) 1866 – 85 John Chandler / 1886 Joseph Allen / 1887 George Payne / 1888 John Toogood / 1889 Matilda Davis / 1891 – 92 William Day 1994 – 99 Arbina Day / 1901 Arbina Tonkin / 1904 Henry Naish / 1906 – 28 Edwin Day / 1935 – 44 Arthur Tipney 1950 – 53 Kate Louise Tipney.

Marlborough Hill Place, Marlborough Hill

John Holman
Edmund C. Plant
Benjamin Fowler
Charles E. Barker
James Wyattt
John Wyatt
Mrs Ellen Donald

Marlborough Place, Nelson Place to Paxton Place, Easton Road

Marlborough Street, bottom of Alfred hill to Montague Hill

Ann Macey, statloner
Alfred Horder, grocer & beer seller
Elon King, green-grocer
James Gough, baker
Mrs Herniman
Samuel Guppy, carpenter
Frederick Browning, boot maker
Charles Witham
William Brooks, tailor
John Pope
John Forse & Sons, house decorators, etc
John Willett, baker
Francis Bell, bread & biscuit baker
Louisa Jordan
Charles Guyan, painter & grocer
Alfred Lovell
William Lewis Pike
William Brown
Robert Porter, tailor
John Pyne, haulier
Jonathan Jennings, basket maker
James Passmore
Royal Infirmary (BRI)
James Jones, grocer
Frederick Rosevear, boot maker
Henry Durbur, draper
William H. Bale, butcher
Charles Stephens
Robert Hill, eating house
William Morgan, general dealer
Henry Buchan, watch maker
Eliza House
Henry Drewett, grocer, etc.
Charles Taylor
Thomas Dite, grocer
Edward Fisher
Ann Humphries
James Wathen, carpenter
Thomas Withers, mason
M. T. Meyer, oil warehouse
W. B. and G. T. Williams, coal yard

William H. Pinnock, vict, Union (pub) On the Kingsdown side of Marlborough Street between the Infirmary and Dighton Street. Two doors up was the ‘Albert’ now the site of the Royal Infirmary car park both these pubs were pulled down in 1958 during the widening and redirecting of the road down to the new St.James’s Barton Roundabout. bristolslostpubs.eu/page69.html

John Ingram, vict, Duke of Marlbrough (pub) 1750 – 52 Abraham Chivers / 1764 – 75 Francis Wood / 1816 – 33 Thomas Cobbett / 1834 to 1852 James Wyatt / 1853. Joseph Brooks 1853 to 1860 Richard Parrish / 1861 – 79 John Ingram / 1881 – 83 James Alway / 1885 Michael Clune / 1886 to 1887 H. Thomas 1888 Samuel Rowe / 1889 William Sweet / 1891 Caroline Battel / 1891 – 97 Alfred Buckley / 1899 Hugh Wood / 1901 – 06 Henry Symes 1909 James Harris.

George Marshfield, vict, Dolphin (pub) Situated opposite the old Infirmary, the Dolphin was pulled down to make way for the new Bristol Royal Infirmary which opened in 1912. bristolslostpubs.eu/page303.html

Marsh, Bedminster

Ashton Vale Iron Co.

Marsh Buildings, Avon Street, St. Philip’s

Marsh Lane, St. Philip’s

Marsh Street, Clare Street to Prince Street

Edward Warman Perrin, bonded warehouse
Cardiff and Portishead Packet Co. – Evered and Sampson, agents
E. G. Hall, corn merchant
Mrs M. Franklin, chop house
Harris & Sons, bright smiths, etc
Lucas Hall – Glasson & Co. bonded warehouse
Edward James Baker, bonded stores
James & Robert Bush, coopers, etc
McDowell and Dayrell, manure manufacturers
Samuel E. Taylor, port gauger
Alfred Dunn & Co. provision merchants
Webb, Aldridge, & Co. iron merchants
J. C. Vining, corn merchants
Bell and Daniell, ironfounders
Daniell & Jones, gunpowder agents
Bristol Chain and Anchor Testing Co. J. Collings, Sec.
St. Stephen’s School – mistress, Mrs Twitcher
James Fowler William Claxton, West India & wine merchant
Merchants Hall
Mary Hurley
Rawlings and Grylls, cask & bottle merchants
John Owen
John Bryant
Charles Hopkins, shopkeeper
Jane Dyer, marine stores
William Spriggs, beer seller
John Quin
Cornelius O‘Brien
John Keatings
Mrs Grifliths
Henry Stanmore & Co. hauliers
Charles Howell, cooper
J. T. Harris, ironfounder ‘
Richard Stubbs, cement works

Frederick Charles Owen, vict, Ship & Castle (pub) The Ship & Castle was demolished when Baldwin Street was extended into Broad Quay. This ‘New’ Baldwin Street opened in March 1881. 1755 Rebeckah Ruth / 1762 Dennis Sullivan / 1775 Mary Griffiths / 1822 Thomas Gilford / 1823 – 28 Willam Stone / 1830 James Stone 1831 Jane Stone / 1832 – 34 Nelson Stone / 1837 George Fear / 1839 William Cannicot / 1840 – 49 Josiah Williams 1851 – 52 Robert Canter / 1853 to 1865 Edward Williams / 1865 to 1867 T. R. Loveless / 1867 to 1875 Frederick Owen 1876 – 78 Isabella Ann Owen. William Stone was also a brightsmith with premises at No.2 Castle Green.

Marshall’s Court, Cook’s Road, Dings

Martin’s Buildings, Union Road, Dings

Marybush Lane, Queen Street, Castle Street to Tower Hill

Mary Street, Baptist Mills

Mary le Port Buildings, Oxford Road, Dings

Mary le Port churchyard, Mary le Port Street

Freemasons’ Tap (pub) St.Mary-Le-Port churchyard 1861 Annie Hedges.

Mary le Port Street, High Street to Dolphin Street

Thomas G. Northam, grocer and tea dealer
Linton, Francis, & Co. Manchester warehouse
George Distin, provislon dealer
H. and T. Stevens, provision factors
Joseph Matthews & Sons, provision factors
Durie & Co. outfitters
Jacob Smith, confectioner
John Jones & Co. brush makers
John A. Hodgson, stay maker, etc
James Isaac Prentice, grocer
William Higgs, provision factor
Boxall Brothers, provision factors
Frederick Anthony and Charles A. Hensler, bacon & ham curers
Lindrea & Co. haberdashers, etc
Blandy & Co. tea dealers
George Davis Whereat, ironmongers
Boxall Brothers, grocers, etc
Edward H. Weeks, confectioner
Henry Parker, baby linen warehouse
Thomas Batson, boot maker
W. D. & H. O. Wills & Sons, tobacco & snuff manufacturers
Bristol Dining Hall – George Hole
Hopkins & Squire, linen drapers
Laverton & Co. cabinet makers
Elza Trapnell hosier and draper
James E. Tucker, baker & confectioner
Philip Bevan, brush maker, etc
Richard Bayles, grocer, etc
Hannah Matthews, brush maker
Harry Hewlett, junior, butcher
John Prickett, beer retailer

John Down, vict, The Oxford (pub) 1866 John McNeil / 1867 S. Davis / 1868 Annie Ray / 1869 – 77 John Down.

Richard John Cowderoy, vict, Lamb (pub) 1830 – 39 Daniel Crawley / 1844 Jane Crawley / 1848 John Collis / 1853 – 54 W. Angleis / 1856 – 61 William S. Loveridge 1863 Sidney Bennett / 1866 George Hawkins / 1868 – 72 Richard Cowderoy / 1874 John Salter / 1875 William Page.

Charles Henry Lea, vict, Swan Hotel (pub) 1811. Charles Besell / 1822 – 25. Sarah Aplin / 1826 – 28. L. C. & C. Aplin / 1830. Llewellin & Co. /1832 – 39. Edward C. Thomas 1840 – 54. William Gray / 1855. Mary Gray / 1856 – 69. James Prockter / 1871 – 76. Charles Henry Lea / 1877 – 79. Charles Osborne 1881 – 83. George Jewry / 1885. H. Fewson / 1886 – 87. Elizabeth Manning / 1888. Charles Toogood (proprietor) 1891 – 99. Mary Hedges Hall / 1901. Mrs. M. Gaskell / 1904 – 17. Gaskell & Howell / 1925 – 31. Herbert Newton.

Henry F. Leighton, spirit vaults, Raven (pub) bombed in the war. 1752 – 64 Henry Jones / 1775 John Waite / 1792 Prudence Driscel / 1800 – 06 George Francis / 1816 – 20 Robert Jones 1822 – 23 Mary Jones / 1826 – 34 William Dutton / 1837 T. Rowley / 1839 – 42 Simeon Smith / 1844 – 47 George James 1851 – 52 Henry Eckley / 1853 to 1856 Matilda Eckley / 1857 – 58 Joseph Ivey / 1860 – 76 Henry Leighton / 1877 William Russell 1881 Mary Jane Harper / 1883 – 91 William Russell / 1892 – 94 George Flook / 1896 – 99 Tom Skelton Nash 1901 – 17 Harry G. H. Appleton / 1921 – 25 Robert Norsey / 1928 R. T. Harman / 1931 Philip Pomery / 1935 – 38 Daniel Lyons.

George Wilkins, vict, Crown (pub) Guard-house Passage (Mary-Le-Port Street) 1794 Thomas Davis / 1800 Charles Bessell / 1806 William Palmer / 1816 John French / 1822 Rodman Richmond / 1823 H. S. Powers 1826 William Collard / 1828 Henry Davis / 1830 William Elliott / 1831 to 1844 Nicholas Brown / 1844 to 1863 George Wilkins 1863 to 1865 Sidney Bennett / 1866 George Hawkins / 1867 H. Lancaster / 1868 to 1876 George Wilkins / 1877 Elizabeth Hedges.

Charles F. Brooke, vict, Eagle (pub) 1871 – 78 Charles Brooke / 1881 – 91 George Pester.

Matilda Place, Baptist Mills

Maudlin Buildings, Upper Maudlin Street

Maudlin Cottages, Upper Maudlin Street

Maudlin Street (Upper), Lower Maudlin Street to St. Michael’s Hill

Daniel J. Jordan
A. Krauss, carpenter and bullder

(Maudlin Buildings)

Frederick Phelps
George Lott
Henry Hazell
Robert Scott, maltster
James Jerman, furmture broker & carpenter
Miss Nelson, general shop
Mrs Hooper
William Upham, bootmaker
Thomas Aust, brass founder
Edward John Hook
Mary Jones
Welsh Baptist Chapel
Thomas Sprague, boot maker
Joseph Storkey, builder and contractor
William Hardiman, plumber
Moravian Chapel, Rev. William Ellis
Miss Osborne, Moravian house
St. James The Less, Rev. James Irwin Duncan
John Wright, upholsterer
James Smith, boot closer
James Horgan, provision dealer .
Joseph Clements, furniture broker
Edward Bevan
Charlotte B. Huggings, butcher
Eliza Roberts, general shop
John Reed, police sergeant
John Nicholls, painter
Thomas Douty, patent leather collar maker
Thomas Belcher, newsagent
Charles Hill, painter and glazier
M. Hill, milliner
The Guardian House – secretary, Miss Osborne; matron, Miss Ryan
James Southby
Charles Llewellin
Edward Garmston
Charles Withers, coal merchant
Miss Wall, laundress
John Hiram Fiddes, gas engineer
John W. George, carpenter, etc
F. XVhite. tailor and draper
William S. Bryant, optician
John Powell, picture dealer
Lewin’s Mead Boy’s British School
J. T. Ball & Sons, maltsters

(Thornhill Place)

Elizabeth Potter, grocer
Lewis Knight
Mrs Newman
Henry Maggs
James Hooper
William Norman, bootmaker
Samuel Seeley
William Gillard

James Warren, vict EglingtonArms (pub) the Eglinton Arms was previously and later called the Seahorse, in 1853 it was listed as the Eglinton Arms and racket court, it is still standing but no longer a pub. 1853 to 1860 John Charles Mitchell / 1861 to 1863 Caleb Goode / 1864 to 1873 James Jones Warren / 1874 to 1877 Isaac Jefferies 1878 to 1891 Henry Burt / 1892 to 1893 Henry Bryant / 1894 Alfred Williams / 1895 to 1896 William Charlesto 1897 to 1909 Ben Powell / 1910 to 1912 Frederick Pullen / 1913 Albert Cole / 1914 to 1921 Albert Webb / 1922 – 47 Walter Warriner 1950 – 56 Victor Bracey / 1960 Arthur G. Caines / 1975 A. R. Sheppard (Seahorse).

James Taylor, vict White Hart (pub) On the corner with Terrell Street, both the pub and this end of Terrell Street disappeared around 1964 to make way for an extension to the Bristol Royal Infirmary. bristolslostpubs.eu/page72.html

Henry Griffiths, vict, Albion (pub) became a shop around 1884 and was demolished when the new Bristol Infirmary was built in 1912. 1851 – 53 William Holder / 1854 to 1855 M. A. Foley / 1856 – 59 Thomas D. Jarrett / 1861 – 63 Samuel Watts 1865 – 66 Charlotte Huggins / 1868 – 69 G. Hutchings / 1871 – 74 Henry Griffiths / 1875 Charlotte Huggins / 1876 Samuel Griffiths 1877 to 1878 G. Milsom / 1879 to 1882 Elizabeth Milsom / 1883 Henry Freeman.

Thomas Belcher, vict, Foresters’ Arms demolished when the new Bristol Infirmary was built in 1912. (pub) bristolslostpubs.eu/page287.html

H. Burt, vict, White Swan (pub) 1863 James Hughes / 1871 – 76 Henry Burt / 1877 – 83 William Crawford / 1885 – 86 William Berry / 1888 Henry William Hewlett 1889 William Lawson / 1891 James Hewitt / 1892 – 94 Herbert Keen / 1896 Albert Ashwin / 1897 John Williams / 1899 William Clemetts 1901 Susan Brooks.

Maudlin Street (Lower), Maudlin Street to St. James churchyard

James Henry Davis, tea dealer & grocer
Cole and Pottow, pawnbrokers & tailors
Samuel Smith, grocer
James Hawkins, carpenter, builder, undertaker
Hospital for the Diseases of the Eye – Matron, Mrs Spear
Joseph Skeel, butcher
Thomas Eskley, draper
Edwin Henry Woodgate, boot & shoe maker and oil dealer
Thomas Rudman, pork butcher
James Edwin Tucker, grocer
James Vowles, tailor
James Goldsworthy, green-grocer
William Parsons, grocer
Thomas Lewis, confectioner
Rachel Beynon, eating house
William Norman, green-grocer
George Parsons, grocer, registrar of births and deaths
Thomas Stephens, hairdresser
Alfred Barber, jeweller
Robert Newman, dairyman
Thomas Hall, chimney sweeper
William Turner, shopkeeper
Thomas Jones, painter, glazier and paper hanger
Robert Grimes, newsagent & dairyman
Thomas Percy
Mary Bennett
James Willey, timber dealer

John Vincent, vict, Bath Arms (pub) previously named the Stag & Hounds. 1863 – 78 John Vincent / 1879 to 1882 Edwin Brookman / 1883 Charles Taylor / 1887 – 88 Charles Stevens / 1891 James Stevens 1892 to 1893 John Stevens / 1894 James Woods / 1896 – 97 Arthur Hudd / 1899 A. Bennett / 1901 S. Humphrie 1902 – 06 James Harris.

Maudlin Terrace, Upper Maudlin Street

May’s Court, Great George Street, St. Philips

May’s Court, John Street, St. Philips

Mayne’s Court, West Street

Mayor’s Street, Clarence Road, New Cut

James Saunders
Sarah Olding
Henry Skeates
Aldred Williams
Henry Power
Charles Smith
Richard Lenthall
John Adams

Mayor’s Terrace, Mayor’s Street, Clarence Road

Maze Street, Barton Hill

ME – MU – Bristol Street Directory 1871

CO – Historical Bristol Street Directory 1871
Lancaster Court Hotel
Image by brizzle born and bred
Mathews’ Bristol Street Directory 1871

Coach and Horses Passage, Broadmead

Coalpit Lane, Stapleton Road

Coburg Place, Montpelier

Richard Darke
Mrs William Merryman
Sarah Johnes
Thomas Hunt
John Price, Coburg cottage
?. Raynard, Crofton villa
Mary Agnes Wallace, Hillside villa
George Phelps, Hill view villa
Robert Bruce, Prospect house
James Green, Fairview villa, lodging house
S. Gath, Magdala villa
Robert Burroughs, Leicester villa
George Wilkins, Fern cottage
George Boyden, Stamford house
William Pike, Albert villas
Frederick Hoare, Richmond cottage
Alfred Brewer, Rose cottage
John Fred. Cross, Windsor villa
Henry A. Medway, Belmont cottage
Ebenezer Breillat, Murdock villa
James W. Barton, Gadara cottage
E. Morcom Harwood, Langport house
Joseph Turner, Coburg house
Alfred Belgin Edwards, Coburg villas
Alfred Thomas

(Winsley Villas)

Jacob Napoleon Smart, barge owner
Rev. Charles Witherby, Ashley lodge
Harry Gilbert James, Ashley hill cottage

Coburg Road, Upper Cheltenham Place to Ashley Hill

Cock and Bottle Lane, Castle Green to Castle Street

Harvey Amphlett, vict, Cock and Bottle (pub)

Cock and Bottle, Cock & Bottle Lane, Castle Green

1752 John Bennett / 1792 – 1806 William Smith / 1816 James Banford / 1820 – 23 Timothy Maggs / 1826 James Morgan 1828 Charles Fenton / 1829 to 1835 Henry Scrase / 1836 Hannah Scrase / 1837 to 1840 Edward Skinner 1841 to 1858 Richard Edgeworth / 1859 to 1870 Henry Hall / 1871 to 1876 Harvey Amphlett the 1841 census lists Richard Edgeworth’s occupation as bottle maker.

Thomas Pomphrey, vict, Star (pub)

STAR Cock & Bottle Lane

1752 William Harford / 1775 James Baker / 1792 Bridget Burton / 1794 Richard Mapowder / 1806 – 26 William Davies 1828 – 30 Elizabeth Davies / 1831 – 44 Joseph Olive / 1847 – 60 William Vickery / 1863 Leonard Jarvis 1864 to 1870 William James Pester / 1871 to 1876 Thomas Pomphrey / 1877 to 1885 Harvey Amphlett / 1886 to 1896 William Scott 1897 Albinus Scott / 1899 Alfred Grindell / 1901 – 14 Sarah Ann Fudge / 1917 Roderick Macleod / 1921 – 25 Henry Hayward 1925 to 1937 William G. Arthur / 1938 George Cook / 1940. Ellen Amelia Collins the rent paid by Ellen Collins in 1940 was £50 per annum and the landlords were The Bristol Brewery Georges & Co. Limited. The Star was destroyed by bombs on the 24th November 1940, Ellen Collins moved to the Bunch of Grapes, King Street.

Cock Passage, Redcliff Street

Cock Pit, Back Street, St. Nicholas

Codrington Place, Richmond Park, Clifton

Philip John Worsley
Miss Anna Maria Monckton
John Mercer
Miss Sophia Hoare

Cohen’s Buildings, Millpond Street, Baptist Mills

Cold Bath Court, Jacob’s Wells

Cold Harbour Lane, Redland Road

College Crescent, Lower College Street

College Green, St. Augustine’s Parade to Park Street

Church St. Augustine’s The Less – Vicar, Rev. Thomas C. Price, M.A.
College Green Hotel – manager, W. Swanson
John Burleigh Dixon, solicitor
Owen and Hathaway, dress makers
Samuel Carter, barrister-at-law
Baths – Mrs Jenkins
The Cathedral
Chapter Office – George A. Bessell, chapter clerk
Isaac Trott, sub-sacrist .
Joseph Bell, artist on glass
Thomas W. Vessey & Son, pawnbrokers
Ann Fisher, lodging house
Samuel Ocock, lodging house
Augustus Whittard, tobacconist
Harriet Thresher, dressmaker
Thomas Bromfield, sexton of St. Augustine’s church
Jemima Harrill, bookseller
W. B. Westaway
Mrs Sophia Nicholls, lodging house
Mrs Giraud, boarding house
R. H. Shrapnell and Son, grocers
William H. Midwinter, artist & photo
Robert Cade Cuff, chemist
Ann Redman, fur manufacturer
James and Short, silk mercers and drapers
Olivia Parnell, ladies outfitter
St. Mark’s the Mayors Chapel
John J. Peters & Co. gold and silversmiths
Daniel Peters, tailor and draper
Spark and Tait, silk mercers, etc
J. F. Taylor, silk mercer, etc
Abraham Dimoline, music warehouse
Samuel H. Latrobe, watchmaker
Richard Castle, outfitter and hosier
Edwin Gillard Camp, hair dressing saloons and baths
The Misses Holesgrove, milliners
Walter Hughes & Son, house and estate agents
W. H. Hawtin, architect
C. and W. Trapnell. cabinet makers
John M. Stevens, tailor and draper
Henry Lambert, jeweller, etc

Jolly & Son, Ladies Fashion, Drapers

Founded about 1860.. The large shop windows always featured a tasteful display of fashions and fabrics and household linens. In 1940 the premises were destroyed in the blitz, the company moving to 62/64 Whiteladies Road.

A Thomas Thatcher, bookseller
Edwin Cr. Allen, trunk maker
Mrs E. A. Coulsting, toy warehouse
William Madden, grocer

College Place, College Green to St. Georges Road

Caroline Phillips, bonnet maker
T. W. Shepstone, printer
William Hemmings, linen draper
James Lewis, grocer

James Lucas, vict, Prince Regent (pub) No longer a pub by the first world war, this building on the corner with Frog Lane was pulled down in 1936. bristolslostpubs.eu/page271.html

William Frederick Langdon, oil & color man

John Leakey, vict, Odd Fellows’ Arms (pub) 1868 J. Wallbridge / 1871 – 72 John Leakey / 1874 – 75 E. M. Coles / 1876 – 79 William Marshall / 1881 John Rocket 1882 – 83 Edward Phelan / 1885 John Rockett / 1886 H. Lambert / 1887 George Osborne / 1888 Thomas Bebbington.

Francis Honey, greengrocer

Frederick Wookey, vict, Boars’ Head (pub)

Boars’ Head, Limekiln Lane / College Place

1752 – 55 Abraham Parfitt / 1762 – 64 Mary Parfitt / 1775 – 92 Robert Andrews / 1794 William Mullis / 1794 – 1800 John Whitcomb 1806 William Newsom / 1816 Richard Parsons / 1820 – 22 John Griffiths / 1823 Mary Crook / 1826 – 34 James Rouse / 1837 William Price 1839 – 40 Thomas Jones / 1842 – 49 Thomas Clarke / 1851 – 52 Mary Clarke / 1854 – 57 John Thayer / 1858 to 1860 Henry Hill 1861 to 1867 David Griffiths / 1868 to 1890 Frederick Wookey / 1891 – 94 David Avery / 1896 George Green 1899 – 1906 Thomas Dark / 1909 Ernest Palmer.

William Jenkins, coach smith
James Creswell Wall
Charles Bartholomew, Turkish baths
William Rogers & Co. carriage makers
Fuller and Son, coach makers
George Wood, marble works
John Andrew, tailor and draper

Charles Harry Jones, vict, Star Tavern (pub) The Star was removed with many other buildings and streets in 1935 to make way for the new Council House. bristolslostpubs.eu/page64.html

College Place East, Pembroke Rd to College Rd. South

John Comly Olive, Heatherfield
William Merrett Webb, Failand lodge
Rev. Robert Burton Poole, Olden lodge
Zoological Gardens
Clifton College
Emmanuel Church

College Road South, Clifton Park to Durdham Down

William Harrington Bush, Kelston villa
Mrs Stonehouse Vigor, Gordon house
Mrs Amy Edlin, Wentworth house
Major Alexander Maclean, Gertmore house
Richard Henry Lambert, Guyder villa
Samuel Alexander, Avondale lodge
William Spark, Redclif house
Thomas Baker, Martley house
Edward Harris, College house
Harry G. Dakins
Thomas Brown
Clifton College, Rev. J. Percival, head master

College Road West, Canynge’s Rd to College Rd, South

Rev. Bedford Hartnell, Rodborough house
?. Glenfarg villa

College Square, or Lower College Green, nr. Cathedral

College Street, College Green

Edward Barr and Son, saddlers
John Griffiths, tailor
Mrs Henry Lucas, baker & corn merchant
Samuel Simms
John William Belsten, baker
William Weston, lodging house
James Miller
George Dunsford
Thomas Crossman
Wallace Arter, jeweller
Henry T. Harris
William Harvey
A. S. Carpenter, dress maker
Edward Staples
William Elliott
John Davis
George Phillomore
O. Owens, grocer
Robert Cole
Joseph Battle, paperhanger etc
J. Perrott, coach builder
John Allpass, china dealer

William Howes, vict, Falcon (pub)

Falcon, Bishop’s Park, College Street

1826 – 30 Thomas Alsop / 1831 – 1833 Henry Jones / 1834 Joseph Hadley / 1839 Charles Williams / 1840 to 1858 John Tippett 1859 William Jones / 1860 to 1886 William Howes / 1887 – 92 Maria Howes / 1894 Samuel Phipps / 1896 Mrs. Shill / 1897 Frank Shill 1901 – 06 Jeffery Alcock / 1909 Kathleen Maud Rice / 1914 William Thrush.

Mrs Battell
Miss Price, British Workman dining hall & reading rooms
James Flower, mason and builder
James Hallett, plumber and painter
Elizabeth Vowles
Charles A. Arnold, carpenter
Miss M. Canning, dressmaker
George Hurn, fly proprietor
Thomas Ball Powe
William Parfitt, boot maker
Henry King
Francis T. Gough
James Evans
Robert Gough
W. Pole
D. Courtenay
William Sullivan, joiner
Edward C. Keyes, carpenter
Francis Cousins, bootmaker
William Hail
James Wootton
John Perry
Harriet Gibbs
John Gillingham, Waiter
Robert Mead, (police)
William Beake, greengrocer
?. Phillips
James Norman
Henry Arnold
C. Hazard, paperhanger
George White
Henry Steele
Elizabeth Bromage, lodging house
Fuller & Co. coach builders
John H. Fielder
Sarah Tucker
Horse Repository, John H. Fielder
John Chidgey, boot maker
Daniel Brady, bookseller & stationer
?. Hawkins, greengrocer
George Wood, marble works

College Street (Lower), College Street to St. Georges Road

Robert Yeandel, marine store dealer
David William Brake
Robert Stone
George Jones
John Rawlings
John Sealey
Mark Buffery
William Reed, tailor
Mrs Reed, midwife
Mrs Williams
George King, stevedore
John Brookman, ship & house smith

Christopher J. King vict, Ship on Launch (pub)

Ship on Launch, Lower College Street (Partition Street)

1847 William Beedell / 1853 Richard Francis / 1863 – 71 Christopher King / 1872 George King / 1874 Alfred Leach 1875 – 79 Charles Flook / 1881 – 82 Joseph Fiddes / 1883 to 1886 Daniel Organ / 1887 Catherine Organ / 1888 – 89 Henry Britton 1891 – 1901 Lewis McCarthay / 1904 – 14 Mary Ann Brewer / 1917 – 35 Frederick Gibbings / 1937 Phyllis Jarman.

John Williams, carpenter and timber dealer
Alfred Brake, plasterer
George King, stevedore

John Brookman, vict, Chequers (pub)

Chequers, Limekiln Lane / Lower College Street

1800 Thomas Edwards / 1816 – 30 Thomas Merriman / 1847 – 55 Benjamin Vowles / 1856 – 63 Thomas Morgan 1865 – 82 John Brookman / 1885 Charles Grimster / 1886 A. Clarke / 1887 Albert Adams / 1888 – 97 Jeffrey Alcock 1899 – 1901 Alfred Clarke / 1904 Jonas Hancock / 1906 John Burrow / 1909 – 31 Edward Mayo. On the 24th June 1884 the Chequers was taken on a 7 year lease at a rent of £36 per annum by James Lockley, brewer of Lewin’s Mead. The lease was one of 22 sold by James Lockley to the Bristol United Breweries Limited on the 25th March 1892 for the total sum of £11,000.

William Goldsmith, shopkeeper
William Lawley
Harriet Tozer, grocer
Edwin Post
Thomas Sherborne, coach trimmer
William Amos, boot maker

College Terrace, College Road, Clifton

James Watson Russell, College lodge

Collin’s Court, Kingsland Road, St. Philips

Colonnade, Hotwells, near Zigzag

William Miller
George Davis
Robert Fenton

Colston’s Court, Colston Street, Bedminster

Colston’s Parade, Pennywell Road

Colston’s Parade, Redcliif Hill to Cathay

Jesse Vickery, sexton Redcliff church
William Nation, washing powder manufact
Matthew Perkins
Joseph Smith, house & sign painter
Charles Whatley

Colston’s Parade Lower, Redcliif

Mrs H. S. Allen, vict, Three Cups and Salmon (pub)

Three Cups and Salmon. Redcliff Street / Lower Colston’s Parade

1752. Nerias Decias / 1794. William Jellott / 1800 – 06. John Phillips / 1816. Thomas Griffiths / 1820 – 22. Mary Griffiths 1826 – 42. James Fuller / 1849. ? Winstone / 1851. Henry Quick / 1853 – 54. William Bushell / 1855. ? Cook / 1857 – 60. G. Watkins 1863. Frederick Giblett / 1865. Matilda Davies / 1866. Ann Hill / 1871. Mrs. H. Allen / 1874 – 76. William Tuck / 1877. Thomas Perry.

William Sambourne
James Harding
Patrick Byrne
E. A. & W. Greenslade, timber yard

Colston’s Parade, Stapleton Road

Colston’s Place, Milk Street

Colston’s Place, Petticoat Lane, Temple

Colston’s Place, Pennywell Road

Colston’s Place, Lower Easton

Colston’s Cottages, Colston Street, Cathay

Colston Street, Cathay, Redcliff

Henry Joseph Woodcock, beer seller
Mary A. Price, beer seller
Mrs Elizabeth Crossman, beer seller
Sarah Gover, shopkeeper
Thomas Tanner, shopkeeper
James Chamberlain, shopkeeper
Elizabeth Parfit, shopkeeper
Michael W. Davis, shopkeeper
James D. Llewellin, oil & soap stores

William Little, vict, Red Horse (pub) 1842. Robert Watson / 1847 – 53 Lydia Watson / 1855 – 57. Charles Smith / 1858. John Stevens / 1860 – 61. George Bird 1863. James Bailey / 1865. James Barter / 1866. Ann Barter / 1867 to 1868. John Allen / 1869 to 1875. William Little 1876 to 1891. John Prewett / 1892 – 99. Robert Giles / 1901. Amy Giles / 1906. Rose Bennett / 1909 – 21. Tom Bond 1925 – 31. Daniel Sixsmith.

Colston Terrace, Horfield Road, Kingsdown

Colston Terrace, Pennywell Road

Colston Terrace, Milk Street

Samuel Stowe
John Tucker
Susan Doubting
James Holly
Henry Jones

Commercial Place, Horfield Road, Kingsdown

Commercial Place, Temple Backs

Commercial Road, Pipe Lane, Temple

Commercial Road, Bedminster Bridge to Bathurst Basin

Redcliff Almshouses
Henry Sweet, Vine cottage
William C. Nelson, Ivy cottage
Lankford and Co. cement works
William Bevan, shopkeeper
William Cook, shopkeeper

Edward Jacobs, vict, Velindra Hotel (pub) Originally known as the Prince of Wales, the Velindra is named after the Cardiff Steam Navigation Company’s steamer, thVelindra, which was berthed around the corner at Bathurst Basin. bristolslostpubs.eu/page311.html

Richard Long, house and ship smith, etc. French yard

Joseph Parry, vict, Taliesin (pub) 1860. Elizabeth Rich / 1861 to 1865. George Parry / 1866 to 1871. Joseph Parry / 1872 to 1875. Robert Chubb 1876 to 1877. Jane Larkham / 1878. Francis Quartly / 1879 to 1881. George Fryer / 1882. J. Harding / 1883. R. B. Baker.

William Vincent, Wapping coal wharf

Commercial Row, Hotwell Road

Compasses Court, Sloper’s Lane, St. Philips

Conduit Place, Jubilee Place to Lower Ashley Road

Conduit Road, Lower Ashley Road, St. Paul’s

George Haynes
John Burgess
William Baxby
Henry Smith

Constance Court, Bridewell Street

Constitution Hill, Police Stn. Brandon Hill to Clifton Wood

Cook’s Gardens, Cook’s Road, Dings

Cook’s Lane, Killboar Street

Cook’s Road, Dings

Corn Street, Wine Street to Clare Street

1854 The once celebrated coaching-house, the Bush Hotel, Corn Street, was ordered to be demolished in May, to make way for the new West of England Bank. Whilst the workmen were removing the flooring of one of the large rooms, they discovered a canvassing card of Henry Cruger, printed daring the contest of 1781, in which that gentleman appealed for support as “a zealous Promoter of Trade, Peace, and Harmony between Great Britain and America”.

J. Hayward, bookseller & news agent
North British Insurance Company
J. H. Clifton, solicitor
Norwich Union Insurance – G.Bunyon
Exchange Buildings
Old Post Office Chambers
Lancashshire Insurance Office – J. Scott, resident secretary
G. B. and H. Murly, solicitors
G. Corner & Co, tea dealers
Cunnnins and Marten, African merchants, etc.
London & Lancashshire Insurance Buildings
London & Lancashshire branch – H. C. Anderson, resident secretary
Robert Linton, solicitor

(Shannon Court)

London and Lancashire Insurance office
Robert Linton, solicitor
Henry Beddoc, attorney
Daniel J. Peters, solicitor
Daniel and Cox, solicitors
Hutchinson & Dodds, law stationers, auctioneers
Stephen Cossham, accountant
Charles Taddy, attorney & proctor
Isaac Cooke and Sons, attorneys
Denning, Smith & Co., public accountants, auctioneers
Fry and Otter, attorneys
Edward Calder, attorney
W. H. Jefferis, surveyor
John Watling, accountant
William Whereat, bookseller
Bank – Miles, Miles, Savile, Harford, and Miles
Impererial Insurance Buildings
Fedden, Bevan, and Hobbs, Impererial Fire Office
J. Hobbs, agent to Railway Passengers’ Assurance office
William Smith & Co., produce brokers and corn agents
J. Marmont, land agent. & surveyor
Training Ship Association Office, Mr. H. Fedden, secretary
Robert C. W. Ross
William Thomas, Briton Office
?. Beeks, artist

(Liverpool Chambers)

Liverpool and London and Globe Insurance Office – J. N. Lane, resident secretary
Sturmey, Howells,& Co. wine merchants
Fussell, Prichard, and Swann, attorneys
Bristol Cemetery Company, J.F. Fussell, clerk and registrar
J. Taplin, druggist
Arthur Pranglcy, analytical chemist
Edward R. Batchelor, Wine merchants
Stuckleys’ Banking Company
Godwin & Chilcott, woollen drapers
W. H. Piggott & Son, tailors
O’Donoghue & Rickards, solicitors
West of England Insurance Company – H. L. Riseley, sec.
S. N. Solomon, solicitor
National Provincial Bank – Robert Fergusson, manager
J. P. Sturge 8: Sons, land agents
Thomas Harris, agent to County Fire office
George Frederick Fox, solicitor
Old Bank – Cave, Baillie, Edwards, Baillie, and Cave
William Essery
George Gibbs, gun manufacturer
Royal Insurance Buildings
V. J. and H. Fedden, colonial brokers, etc.
Stanley & Wasbrough, attorneys
Charles John Simmons, attorney
Channel Dock Company – George Drummond, secretary
Port Rail & Pier Company – Hew Dalrymple, secretary
Kruger, Beale, & Co. merchants
J. W. Nightingale, produce brokers
Gloucester & Bristol Church Association
James & Hy. Grace, accountants and estate agents
Edward & Thomas Bird, linen & carpet warehouse
Bristol Commercial Rooms – J. M. Hale, master
St. Werburgh’s Church – Rev. Canon Hall, B.D.
John and Samuel Wedmore, grocers
Thomas Henry Weston, bookseller
Thomas Wedmore, merchant
John Bush, solicitor
William Bruce Gingell, architect
A. M. Barr, engraver
Barber and Co., tea importers
West of England Bank – J. P. Gilbert, manager
Council House

Cornish Mount Passage, Broad Quay

Cornwallis Crescent, or Lower Crescent, Granby Hill Clifton Vale

Mrs Fowle
Mrs Willdsor Richards
Misses Granger
Gen. John R. Keily
Mrs Eliza Woodburn
Mrs Louisa Anson
Robert Gay Barrow
Joseph Lancaster, M.D.
Mrs Mary Wood
Rev. Robert Brodie
Frederick Laverton
Mrs Hutton
Mrs H. Packenham
Major R. M. Poulden
James Wright
Mrs Elizabeth Leche
James Dowland
Admiral Thomas Fisher
Capt James Shipton, R.N.
Michael Mogg
Matthew Hughes
Mrs Henry Winkworth
Henry Riddle
Misses Riddle
Mrs Emma Rodbard
Misses Goldney
William Rees
Col. W. D. Grant
Augustus Fielding Woodward
John S. Hare
Rev. Thomas White Boyce
Rev. George St. John

Cornwallis Grove, Clifton Road, to Cornwallis Place

B. Castle, Grove house
Edgar Musgrove
Gorge Rock Woodward

Comwallis Place, Baptist Mills to Stapleton Road

Mrs William Youlton, vict, Artisan Tavern (pub) 1865 – 69. Edwin Naish / 1871 – 72. John Wilkey / 1874 – 87. John Wilcox / 1888. Thomas Clohesy / 1889. Henry Byford 1891 – 92. Francis Tripp / 1896. David Turner / 1899. Frederick Hicks / 1901 – 28. John Davis / 1931 – 38. William Ewart Smith 1940. Doreen Lilian Bralant / 1941 to 1951. Rose Sarah Hawkings / 1951 to 1953. Samuel Dufty / 1953. Henry John Lapham.

Anne Price
Joseph Whippey, master of Counterslip school
Henry Brothers
Alfred Saunders
James Vivian Tippett, lithographic artist
Miss Caroline Merchant
John Dangerfield
The Misses Mary Ann and Jane Headford
Wintour Evans Baker, chemist
?. Wren, carpenter
William Ogborne, news agent
William Blackler
Mrs Tripp
Mary Ann Fothergill
William Bird, butcher
John Carey, grocer and tea dealer
Thomas Mitchell, gasfitter and bell-hanger

Coronation Buildings, Coronation Road

Coronation Cottages, Coronation Street, Bedminster

Coronation Court, Coronation Street, Bedminster

Coronation Place, Back Street

Coronation Road, Bedminster bridge to Ashton turnpike

Zion Chapel

(Trafalgar Place)

John Jones, carpenter
William Burgess, carpenter

Ann Leakey, vict, Grosvenor Arms (pub) 1871 – 77. Ann Leakey / 1878 – 79. Charles Hill / 1883 – 85. Clara Wadley / 1887 – 1901. Henry Heale / 1904. George Charley 1906 – 09. William Landsdown / 1914. Annie Taylor / 1917 – 21. William Thrush / 1925 – 38. Albert Roberts / 1944 – 53. Arthur Baylis 1960. E. Hodge / 1975. S. E. Hall.

(Wellington Terrace)

Charles Frost, coach builder
Jane Deeble
James Swanton
Thomas C. Phillips
Hannah Davis
Enos Gay
George Hatherly
George Gotley
Robert Beake, general haulier, Wellington cottage
Susan Clark, timber and slate merchant

(Richmond Place)

Joseph Venn
Walter Hext, accountant
William Creese
Thomas Cleverdon
Robert Westlake
John Tomkins, relieving oflicer
George Webster
Ruffell Lakin Caswell
George Dugdale
Captain Trezise
Capt. John Roals, R.N.
Thomas Clark, jun.
David R. Raggatt, accountant
John Warry
Capt. Charles Frederick Purcell
John Watts .
William Robins
John G. Moar, Tortworth villa
Richard Bryant, Tamworth villa
William Reece, Bedford house
Sarah Ann Pritchard, Dresden house

(Clarence Place)

Joseph Dyer Harrison
Capt. Henry Able
Elizabeth White
Edward Blandford
George E. Maggs
John Hopkins
Jabez Bryant
Charles S. Sampson J
Thomas McDonald Darling
Mrs Isabella W. Thomas
W. Hatsell
Sarah M. Devey
John Garrod
James Callaway Pratt
Joseph Yeates
Thomas Bickle
William Orchard
Thomas Hill Rossiter, Clevedon house
Joseph Adams, Llanover villa
William Warcup, C. E. Lyndhurst villa
St. Paul’s Church
Mary Mapstone, Melbourne villa
Loulsa Brooking, Brougham villa
Neville lodge
Charles Baker, Bermuda lodge

(Nelson Terrace)

Dr. Keall
Samuel Lane
Thomas M. Freestone
Harriet E. Gardiner
Daunton & Vowles, millers
John Hatcher Heanes
Mrs Harris
Jane Martin
John Tomlinson
Henry Rider
Henry Kinsman, Fairfield villa
William Henry Fowler, Fairfield house
Albert Bass, 1, Oriel villa
Thomas William Tilly, 2, Oriel villa
Henry Hall Bishop, Nelson lodge

(Ashton Terrace)

William Turner
William Swan, com-trav
Benjamin Parker
George Kennedy, com-trav
John Fairbairn
Mrs John Worth
William White
John Barrett, music master
Thomas Gevers
Mrs Sarah Humphries
James Antrobus
Francis Parker
Edward Caines Withey, accountant
William Vincent

(Coronation Villas)

Charles Sherwood
William Henry Cooper
S. Billett, tailor
John Payne, junr.

(Lower Ashton Terrace)

Capt. George Ray, 1, Avon cottages
Henry Bartlett, 2, Avon cottages
William John Cooke
Samuel Gainey
Thomas Jones
George Elms
Isaiah Cartwright
John Hicks
William Shore
Mary Ann Baker

William John Stowell, vict, Packet Tavern (pub) near the corner with Greenway Bush Lane the Avon Packet is still trading. bristolslostpubs.eu/page107a.html

(Dowry Place)

Charles John Turner, greengrocer
William Jarvis, butcher
Marianne Cole, greengrocer
John Kingdon, Leigh view villa
Wm. John Matthews, Duncan villa
Geo. H.A11crum, 1 Greenbank villas
Daniel Le Vesconte, 2 ditto

(Greenbank Terrace)

Thomas Spear, engineer
Lucy Bagwell
James Stacy
Joseph D. Hill
Edward Eckersley
William Jenkins
Charles Silverthorne
Sarah Palmer, Victoria cottage
James T. Criddle, Clifft cottage
Stephen F. Cox, Clift house
Cox Brothers, tanners, Clift house yard
John Payne, engineer, Vauxhall Iron Works
Vauxhall Ferry

Coronation Street, Mill Lane, Bedminster

Coronation Villas, near Ashton Terrace, Coronation Rd

Corse Lane, Jacob’s Wells

Cotham Brow, Cotham Side to Cheltenham Road

William Henry Short, South view
Miss Fanny Holden, Dunkeld villa
John Pottow, Edingworth villa
Samuel Brewer Wearing, Windsor villa
The Misses Price, Glenthorn villa
Samuel Penny, Hope villa
Mrs Crocker, Manilla villa
John Hellier, Lynmouth villa
William Harry Sleeman, Bridgeford villa
Henry Matthews, Rowallan villa
Mrs Richard Hughes, Charlton villa
Samuel Capper, Cotham brow villa
Frederick Cordeux, Strasbourg villa
Charles Wills, Lavant villa
John G. Linthorne, Whiteleigh villa
George Jackson, Forth villa
Simon B. Simmons, Mounts Bay villa
John Harford Jones, Arundel villa
Mrs Ann Lewis, Stinchcombe villa
Alfred Townshend, Greenbank villa
Rev. James Clapham, Springfield villa
Mrs S. Dyer, Mobile villa
William Knowles, Lucerne villa
Rev. E. G. Gange, Kelso villa
Richard Pim, Stratford villa
The Misses Pink, Delotte villa
Frederick S. A. Tratman, Holyrood villa
Mark Allen, Kenilworth villa
Miss Howell, Dennis villa
Alfred Lyddon, Haverstock villa
Joseph Perry, Pillton villa

(Stafford Villas)

Mrs Shortman
William Lawson

(Northcote Villas)

Frank Eddis
Theodore Burrow
Charles M. Bendall
Mrs Mary C. Burn, Craven villa
?. Houghton villa

(Prospect Place)

Joseph Wilson, Llanfoist cottage
Alfred Bartley
John S. Langdon
?. Stretton, Nelson villa
James Bessell, Streatham villa
?. Chandos villa
Mary Ann Iles, Claremont villa
Alfred H. Blizzard, Fairfield villa
James Collins, Sandford villa
Edward Bishop, Panworth villa.
Edward T. Thornley, Tudor villa
Edward Edwards, Skiffington villa
James H. T. Bowsher, Cambridge villa
?. Cotham Brow villa

(Fremantle Villas)

Maria Vines
John Heaven
Louisa Mary Lingford
William Reed
Henry John White Newton
Thomas Southerdon
Henry Lloyd

Cotham Grove, Cotham Park to Lover’s Walk

Edward Oldfield
Samuel N. Price
William H. Littleton, Devon villa
Mrs John Cook, Rosemont house
Edward Robinson, Kingsbury house
?. Horsefall house
Rev. Matthew Dickie, Lindon villa
Miss Mary A. Hall, Glenthorpe
Alfred Pearce, Fincham villa
Mrs Henrietta J. Reed, Elm grove villa
William B. Biggs, Elm grove house
Rev Albert Popham (Independent) Airdrie house
Thomas Stock, Belgrave house

(Belgrave Villas)

Frederick A. Jenkins
Charles Peabody
William Young
William Pierce
Mrs Jones
John Rowe, com-traveller
Miss Aplin
William Richards Baxter
Rev. William Woolhouse Robinson, M.A. Cambridge villa
Edward Harwood Tanner, Montrose villa
Alfred Dunn
Samuel Thomas

Cotham Hill, St. Michaels Hill to Whiteladies Road

Samuel Budgett, Cotham house
St. Joseph’s Home, conducted by the Little Sisters of the Poor
Joseph Davis, The Elms
Philip Owen, lime burner

Cotham New Road, St. Michaels Hill to Cotham Road

John Thompson Exley, school
John F. Green, Springfield house
William Saml. Capper, Auburn villa
John Bartlett, Belmont villa
Walter Sturge
Thomas Thompson, Kingshill villa
Frederick Henry Ball, churchill villa
Francis Fry, Tower house
Richard Fry, Cotham lawn
Sarah Atkinson, Rose hill
Samuel Wyatt Smith, Kingsholm villa
Miss Jane Reynolds
Charles J. Trusted, Acton lodge
Joseph Wethered, Orwell villa
John Linton
Henry Humphries, Compton villa
Mark Whitwill, Devonshire villa
John Dix, Burling house
Edward Ash
James Painter, Elm Grove lodge
John Purrier Wasbrough, Walton villa
Miss Eleanor English, Fern villa
R. Say
William James French, Derwent villa
George A. Bessell, Woodford villa
Walter Perry, surgeon & dentist
Mrs Leader, Nelson villa
?. Trafalgar villa
William Killby, Cleeve villa
John Thirnbeek Grace, Portland villa
Benjamin Webb, Tyndale villa
John Bell, Fordton villa
Henry Randall James, Sidbury villa
Miss Burleigh, Chatham villa
Robert Maitland Savill, Brighton villa
Charles H. Hewitt, Osborne house
Mrs Eliz. Redfern, Sherwood villa
John Cousins, Somerset villa
Miss Augusta King, Handsworth villa
James Shoard, Kinder Garten school, Milton villa
Mrs Green, Hampden villa
Ralph Henry Cole, Melbourne villa
William Lucy, surgeon, Dunmarklyn lodge
George F. Prldeaux, Glanmire lodige
Edmund Lane, Alpha villa
Henry Ridler, Highbury villa
Highbury Schools and Chapel

Cotham Park, Cotham Rd and Cotham New Road, Lover’s Walk

Mrs. Keddell, Wharncliffe villa
Miss Elizabeth Brewin
William Priestly Sibree, Brunswick house
Miss Lucilla Betts, Elm villa
John Leaker Morris, Leamington villa
John Charles Whitty, Cotham lodge
Mrs Marget Marriott, Woodburn house
Miss Thomas
Thomas Francis Chris. May, Park house
James D. Brodribb
William Pratten, jun.
George Gay
F. Cordeux
Miss Thomas, Cotham Park school for young gentlemen, Ebenezer house
E. J . Kelly, Ebenezer house
Mrs Woodhill, ladies’ boarding and day school, Thornhill house
John William Langdon, Glenside house
Alfred Hardcastle Burder, Upton lodge
Edward Gustavus Clarke, Woodside lodge
Charles Townsend, Avenue house
James Smith, Herbert lodge
Charles Boorne, Kendrick house

Cotham Place, Hampton Road

Cotham Road, Whiteladies Road to Cheltenham Road

(Linton Villas)

Michael Beaven Warry
George Grimes
Miss A. S. Pike
Mrs Grant

James T. Player, Bassein villa
Edward Phillips, Hyde park villa
Frederick Lucas, Minerva villa
Thomas Henry Yabbicom, Ross villa
Frederick Amory, Stanmore villa
Thomas Gibson, Clydesdale villa
John Stone, 3, Marburgh villas
?. 1, Marburgh villas
Miss Westcott, Llanberris villa
Charles Edward Merry, Mardon lodge
Edward Morgan, Wanstead villa
Robert Mercer, Oriel villa
William Insall, Cotham park villa


Henry John Parnell
James Newton

Cotham Road South, Cotham Park to Kington Place

Henry Derham, Wrington villa
Mrs E. Powell, Cheddar villa
James Hartland, Sandford villa

(Camden Terrace)

William W. Stancomb
Miss Hassell
William B. Hannaford
Oliver Ransford jun.
Mrs Russell
John Frederick Williams
W. H. L. Dunsford
Richard Creeper, Cambrian house
Samuel Wedmore, Llambridge lodge
Mrs Tremlett, Gowdall villa
A. B. Butler, chemist, etc.
St. Matthew’s Schools
William Marriott, Stoford house
Mrs Heath, Walton house
J. Thomas, Sidney mews
William Roach, 1, Sidney cottages
William Payne, 2, Sidney cottages
John CardelI, Allanson villa
Thomas Willitts, York villa

(Kington Buildings)

James Roper
Thomas Furlong
John Stark
Hemy Alexander
Thomas Harvey
John Dennis

(Kington Villas)

Edwin Hale
Frederick D. Lemon

(Kington Place)

Samuel Simons, vict, Cotham Porter House (pub)

Cotham Porter House, Kington Place, Cotham Road South

1852 to 1856 George King / 1857 – 58 Henry Davis / 1860 – 63 Richard L. Bodley / 1865 Stephen Bewley / 1866 to 1874 Samuel Simons 1875 E. M. Gortzacoff / 1876 to 1878 John S. Gwynne / 1879 – 83 Sarah Biggs / 1885 – 86 Edward Bowden 1887 to 1893 Mary Jane Biddle / 1894 to 1896 William Slaymaker / 1897 – 99 John Tanton / 1901 – 21 Marion Woolcock 1925 – 35 Marion Enoch / 1937 – 38 Jessie Elsie Hearn / 1944 – 53 Janet May Oaten. In the 1851 census George King is shown in Kington Place trading as a draper. Henry Davis was a cooper, Richard Bodley was an ironmonger and Samuel Simons a brewer. Although listed as the Cotham Porter ‘Stores’ in 1857, the suffix ‘House’ was in use until the early 1930’s.

Henry William Smith
John Robertson
Elizabeth Hill

Cotham Side, Cotham Brow to St. Matthew’s Church

John Harvey, Mythe villa
J. G. Hatchard, Addison villa
Mrs Hallam, Clinton villa
John Henry Griffin
John Hands, Ashfield villa
Daniel John Peters
Alexander Grace
Miss Harriet Hodder, boys’ school, Selma villa
George F. Atchley, surgeon, Eldon villa
Mrs William Hicks Townsend, Strontian house
George Kemp-Welch, Strontian lodge
Samuel Cashmere, Sandwell villa
Joseph Foster, St. Matthew’s villa

Cotham Terrace St. Michaels Hill, nr. Highbury Chapel

Cotham Vale, Hampton Road

Miss Harriet Farrow, dress maker
John William Wells
Mrs Birtell
John Twining, customs
Mrs Elizabeth Welch
Samuel Barnes Miles
Edwin Charles Stopford, com-trav

Cottage Court, Jacob’s Wells

Cottage Place, Alfred Hill

Cottage Place, Montague Hill

Cottage Place, Sion Road, Easton Road

Cottage Place, Union’ Road, Dings

Cottage Place, Waterloo Lane, Cook’s Road

Cottage Place (Lower), Marlborough Hill

Coulsting’s Place, Bread Street, St. Philips

Counterslip, bottom of Bath Street

C. William Finzel & Co. sugar refiners
Counterslip Baptist Chapel
John Wyatt
William Gordon

County Place, Wells Road, Totterdown

County Street, Wells Road to Bath Road, Totterdown

Benjamin Suller
John Bryant
William Price
Charles Anthony Millard
Henrietta Gomm
Job. Wood

Cow Street, College Green to Park Street

Cox Buildings, Hillgrove Hill to Bush Street

James Hartnell, gardener
James Dowling, Yard cottage
John Scott, Cox’s cottage

Cox’s Buildings, Union Road, Dings

Cox’s Place, Union Road, Dings

CR – CU – Bristol Street Directory 1871


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