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London For Free For Your Vacations Near Hotels In Liverpool Street London

London city gives you more than you expect in a holiday. A dream come true for all sorts of travellers especially those under budget, it assures a gala rejuvenating time to all. Frugal travellers can visit many free tourist spots in London while booking any of its cheap London hotels nearby. All these factors combine to assure you of a dream holiday. Liverpool Street is one of the preeminent areas for these travellers with its world class affordable hotels in Liverpool Street London and many of its free attractions which lie in the vicinity. Here is a look at some of these attractions:

National Gallery
An artistic delight, this charming gallery constructed in the year 1824 offers the opportunity to fix your sights on an amalgamation of over 2300 paintings in row. These paintings belong to the mid times of the 13th century till the times and age of 19th century. Travellers can view the main collection at absolutely free of cost. Travellers can trace the gallery on the north side of the Trafalgar Square in London. The central London location makes it convenient for everyone to be a part f this thriving artistic side of London. Visitors can book a cheap Liverpool Street hotel nearby to stay close to this magnetic attraction.

All Hallows on the Wall Church
This Church of England gives a sacred twist to your holidays. The present building constructed in the year 1767 by George Dance the Younger, has endured many gruesome incidents in the past, but stood tall enduring the test of times. The eminent Worshipful Company of Carpenters are associated with it and conduct their elections here every year since the last 600 years. A number of charitable organisations now inhabit the building. Travellers can savour this historical church and soak in the serenity around with no charges. You will also come across many cheap hotels in the surrounding holy area of this church which can be conveniently book for a quick access to this ancient holy site.

Houses of Parliament
This is one of the quintessential sites of London that is a must for all travellers interested in illuminating themselves with the historical side of the city. The imposing clock Tower stands in the near vicinity. This place looks resplendent at any hour of the day with the travellers appreciating its beauty. The place contains more than 1000 rooms on view dating back to the previous golden eras and loudly speaking of the presence of likes of Winston Churchill and many more. Visitors can be a part of the ongoing parliamentary debates in sessions at this place. Entry is free of charges at this magnificent place.

Many cheap lodgings in Liverpool Street will shower you with its perks while offering you quick access to the nearby free attractions.

John Rodricks is an associate editor of a website which offers hotels in Liverpool Street London .The travelers can pick from a varied range of Liverpool Street hotels near Liverpool Street tube station

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London Olympics 2012 Accommodation Near St. Paul’s London Hotels

St. Pauls area in London is one of the most prestigious regions in the city. Much business and corporate deals are settled in this financial district of London. Moreover, most of the leisure travellers are allured to due to the fascinating historic monuments concentrated in this area. London Olympics 2012 will bring another good reason to book hotels near St. Pauls Tube Station. Booking an accommodation for London Olympics 2012 well in advance is fairly a great decision.
Luxury Accommodation Deals
London is sure to achieve gold medals for offering the best luxury hotels. The home to a huge variety of luxury hotels, the city offers fantastic options for luxury accommodations in St. Pauls London hotels. The visitors planning to travel for Olympics can choose from a range of four star, five star and boutique hotels.
Budget Accommodation Deals
As far as the frugal visitors to the city are concerned, the city has even more options for them too. A variety of budget accommodations is sure top leave you spoilt for choice.
Cheap Hotels: A wide range of budget accommodations can be availed at any of the budget hotels chain and guesthouses which are a true value for money. You can also avail London package which combines cheap accommodation along with the tickets for theatre or concerts.
Budget Hotel Chains: Budget hotel Chain accommodations offer clean and comfortable stay in central London. Prices vary as per the time you book your rooms.
Bed and Breakfast: London offers a great range of bed and breakfast accommodations in the heart of the city. These types of hotels are often family run and offer an amiable service. B&B accommodations are ideal for travellers looking forward to explore London Olympics for less. When you know that whole day you will be out, comfy beds and delicious breakfast is the only thing you want.
London Homestay
London homestay is another exciting option to choose while you are travelling London for Olympics 2012. These are the opportunities to stay in residences in London as a part of London homestay programme. This will give you a feel of a home away from home.

jasmeet is an associate editor to St Pauls Hotels , a website which offer luxury hotels hotels near St. Pauls Tube Station for can be searched at http://www.stpaulslondonhotels.com/

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Anyone knows of any apartments/flats near london bridge hospital?

Question by SAM: Anyone knows of any apartments/flats near london bridge hospital?
My friend’s mom was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and they are going to London Bridge Hospital soon. They are looking to rent an apartment that is conveniently close to the hospital. Any suggestions?

Best answer:

Answer by bershka
If you have not found someone yet, go to http://www.gumtree.com and click on “short term offered”

Or you can make an ad in the “wanted” section

Good luck!

Add your own answer in the comments!

how much would a taxi be from hotel near times square to battery park?

Question by starburst272001: how much would a taxi be from hotel near times square to battery park?
the hotel is the The Belvedere Hotel
319 W 48th St
is it far to walk and how long would it take to get there.thanx for yr fast answer.

Best answer:

Answer by Moyra D
Walk straight down Broadway. Battery Park is at the bottom. It was a real eye opener for me and fun to window shop

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What is a good hotel and hopefully cheap in New Orleans near the French Quarter?

Question by sarah452m: What is a good hotel and hopefully cheap in New Orleans near the French Quarter?
I need to find a hotel near the French Quarter and Bourbon and all that cause my friends and I don’t want to drive after drinking all night! Help!

Best answer:

Answer by letitia
We stayed at this hotel that is two blocks from Bourbon street called Cotton Exchange Hotel. It’s not that expensive, within walking distance of everything. The bar called Dominic downstairs, we had so much fun. It’s the perfect place to stay, I’m booking a room again for the fourth of July next year.

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Book London Hotels Near Hyde Park Corner For Royal Wedding Screenings

If you are planning to book one of the London hotels in order to have an experience during Royal Wedding, booking hotels near Hyde Park Corner tube station is a great idea. There will be a big screen at Hyde Park to display every action of this splendid event. Watch the moment when Kate sets off in her Rolls Royce to the celebratory possession after the wedding ceremony.

Nothing can be more suitable than Hyde Park for screening the prestigious event. It is expected to hold thousands of wedding fans eager to watch every action of the wedding right from the first vow to first kiss. At the same time, the party is sure to delight the attendees while relishing this momentous occasion.

Panoramic Views
Screening of pre-wedding procession is not all at Hyde Park during the wedding, there is a lot more to watch. The happily married couple of the royal family will journey back to their reception after the ceremony. Waving the crowds which would be lining the streets with eager eyes, the couple will proceed in their stately carriage. This is sure to become the most popular London events and the screenings will not let you miss even a single moment of the wedding.

Alongside Events Going Live
The day at Hyde Park ensures that to enjoy this great wedding in London to the fullest. There will be several food and drink stalls along with the screenings. All types of entertainment with the theme of Royal Wedding can also be relished at the same time. Though the details are still to be confirmed as the time approaches, it is for sure that the event has a lot stored in for you right from events to entertainment for all ages.

Celebration Wheel at Hyde Park
A Ferris wheel at Hyde Park will add to the charm of the screenings of the Royal Wedding in London. A ride on the giant wheel for observation at Hyde Park will offer stunning views all across the city as well as Hyde Park. You can start the day on a high at this wheel which will start at the breakfast in the morning.

Moreover, Mayor Boris Johnson wants that the entire city should celebrate this mega event and thus he is even encouraging the attendees to wear hats too in order to get in spirits. Moreover, the best news is that these screenings are absolutely free for everyone whether a local or a traveller. Therefore, miss nothing on your trip to London in April 2011.

Mery Cox is an associate editor of a website ukhotels4u.com which offers hotels near Hyde Park Corner. The travelers can pick from a varied range of London hotels too at http://www.ukhotels4u.com/

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