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a hotel close to the hilton in sydney?

Question by Rebecca C: a hotel close to the hilton in sydney?
I have a seminar in June at the Hilton on George St, Sydney CBD. So, I need to find accommodation within a few blocks. But I would prefer to not have to pay $ 300+ per night.
I’d very much appreciate any ideas.
Thankyou 🙂

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Answer by Morgan

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What are any good hotels that are in Sydney?

Question by cutii4lyf: What are any good hotels that are in Sydney?
Looking for a hotel to take my husband out for our anniversary. Going for one night and one day. Price range: $ 200. Location in Sydney.

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Answer by jennifer h
There are many . It would be nice to be around Darling harbour if you can. take a look at www.wotif.com/sydney

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Serviced Apartments Sydney

Last few years have seen Australia emerge as the most sought after destination for tourists around the world. Particularly popular is Sydney. A remarkable town, it offers a plethora of entrainment options for tourists who are simply bowled over by the sheer beauty and liveliness of the place. If you are also the one who is mulling over the idea of visiting Sydney with your family on a holiday then this article can be of great value to you.

There are a number of serviced apartments in Sydney that have come up in recent times. The popularity of these apartments can be gauged from the fact that they have left many a established hotels behind and have emerged as one of the most sought after lodging options for tourists who visit Sydney.

The reason for this popularity enjoyed by serviced apartments of Sydney is easy to understand. They after all are not only extremely comfortable but are also available at extremely cost-effective rates. Most of these apartments are tastefully decorated and are equipped with fully functional kitchen and laundry. The living area of these apartments are spacious and offer for a nice and comfortable stay. Moreover, most of these serviced apartments in Sydney are located at places which offer breath taking views of the city. Sun rise and sun set appear to be most captivating from most of these apartments.

The location of the serviced apartments in Sydney makes it extremely convenient for the occupants to go around the city and indulge in sight seeing, or visit some popular tourist destination. Indeed, the advantages of serviced apartments in Sydney are plenty. However, what is worth noting here is the fact that most of these serviced apartments are available for a minimum stay of seven days. However, a little request and availability of the rooms normally ensure that you can enjoy the hospitality of these apartments for as many days as you might like.

The popularity that these serviced apartments of Sydney enjoy, it can easily be predicted that coming days would see their popularity grow even more.

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