What are any good hotels that are in Sydney?

Question by cutii4lyf: What are any good hotels that are in Sydney?
Looking for a hotel to take my husband out for our anniversary. Going for one night and one day. Price range: $ 200. Location in Sydney.

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Answer by jennifer h
There are many . It would be nice to be around Darling harbour if you can. take a look at www.wotif.com/sydney

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  1. Chester

    Try these hotels:

    Grace Hotel
    http://www.gracehotel.com.au – (02) 9272 6888

    Star City Hotel and Serviced Apartments
    http://www.starcity.com.au – (02) 9777 9000

    Hilton Sydney
    http://www.sydney.hilton.com – (02) 9266 2000

    Shangri-La Hotel, Sydney
    http://www.shangri-la.com – (02) 9250 6000

    Y Hotel Hyde Park
    http://www.yhotel.com.au – (02) 9264 2451

    Metro Hotel on Pitt
    http://www.metrohotels.com.au – (02)9283 8088

    Holiday Inn Hotel Darling Harbour Sydney
    http://www.holidayinn.com – 1800 899 960

  2. Julian

    There are lot of hotels in sydney.. I think for celebrating your wedding anniversary you can have something like a romantic dinner cruise in sydney harbour .. Stay in some nice hotel anywhere in Sydney.. So that you can experience both dinner and the stay at the same time..

    Lot of entertainment activities are conducted in the boat too..

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